A Mysterious Link Juice

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Many people know that links help to increase rankings. But in order to increase them effectively you need to know the basic rules how links effect search engine results pages (SERPs).

1. Basics

If website B makes a link to website A, then it shares the value of its page with the page of website A.
If the link is “nofollow”, then the value is not shared with website A. With a help of linking to other websites you help those websites to increase their rankings on Google and other search engines. When other websites share the information about your website by making a link to one of your pages, they help to boost rankings for your website.

say no to nofollow links

2. Links share the value of your page with another website

The value that the link passes to another website is called passed PR weight or as some people say “link juice”. If you want to learn more about PR weight and how Google estimates PR, I recommend you to read this article. When other sites link to your website they share some PR weight with your site.

3. Your website doesn’t lose its PR weight if you make a link to another website

Some people are afraid to link to other websites as they think that they will lose PR weight that they passed to another website. It’s not true. You do not lose any PR, moreover you improve your content by confirming the information with help of the link to another source (for example, Wikipedia).

4. The more outbound links is on the page, the less PR weight they pass link juice calculator

Outbound link is a links from one website to another site. The links which are targeted to your website are called incoming links. When purchasing a links from a provider you must check the amount of outbound link from the particular page. The less links is on the page from which you purhcase a link, the more PR weight is forwards to your website. Note: this rule is true only when you compare webpages with the same PageRank.

5. Google likes when you get more link juice

High quality links from other websites with your keyword or keyword phrase is a key to TOP10 on Google. By building links to your website with the keyword that mentions your product or service you get you increase the position for that keyword on Google. This brings more people who are interested in the information described on your website.

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