$200 Monthly on SEO Budget?

November 11, 2012
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$200 SEO budget

How to Appear in Google Top 10 When You have Small SEO Monthly Budget

Most people are sure that $200 per month is not enough for a decent link building campaign. But what if $200 per month is the maximum that you can squeeze from your tight budget on SEO? Don’t you really have any chances to bring your website on the first page of Google? This question is really timely for those who are going to start their first link building campaign or those who have financial problems temporarily. The answer is positive. You really can increase rankings on Google with the tight budget and bring a decent traffic to your website. 

5 Stunning Tricks to Appear on Google Top 10 by Investing Only $200 per Month:

1. The key to the successful link building campaign is in good keywords. When the budget is too small for competitive terms which really bring much traffic then there are 3 things which you can follow while choosing keywords:
  • Choose low competitive terms which still can provide some traffic for your website. Websites which appear on the 1st page of Google under low competitive terms do not have many high quality links targeted to them. This is why it takes less links to bring such keywords to Top 10.
  • Check for the keywords which are already close to the 1st page of Google as it will be much easier to drag them in top results. SEMRush can help you find keywords which are already close to the first page and you didn’t even know that.
  • Choose a few keywords which are very close by meaning and by spelling. It would be great if these keywords include the most popular keywords and at the same time some words intersect. For instance, you are a graphic designer from Portland and your main keyword is “graphic designer”. In this case you can try using less competitive terms like “designer graphic Portland”, “graphic designer in Portland” and “Portland website designer”. As you see most of the keywords include main keyword “graphic designer”.
2. After you chose keywords, it comes to the URLs of your website where you want to target your future links to. Choose those URLs which include the chosen keywords in:
  • URL
  • Title
  • H1-H3 Tags
  • Content
The more information is on the page about the keyword the better it is. This gives you more chances to bring this page to the 1st page on Google. 3. Make Google love your links. Your link building campaign should be as natural as possible. This means:
  • Buy links gradually and slowly.
  • Purchase more links with low Rank and fewer links with high Rank because most of the links on the Internet have low Rank, so it will look suspicious to Google if most of your links come from pages with only high Rank.
  • Usually, it is recommended to purchase links to different pages, but in case of a small budget, when the number of links doesn’t jump over 15 links, you target links only to 1 URL.
Remember that “naturality” helps your links to forward the maximum potential of your links to your website in a shorter period of time. So Google love is appreciated. SEO budget4. Choose links which bring you more rank weight per $1. Let me explain this a little bit more. 5. Use 100% of on-page optimization opportunities. Yes, on-page optimization is not that critical when you have high budget. But when you want to save a few bucks, it comes in really handy. Make sure to include your keywords on page which you are trying to promote. Repeat them a few times in different variations, include it in the title, headline, <h1>-<h3> tags, meta-description and within the content itself. P.S. By following these simple tricks you will increase your website rankings on Google when you are low on a budget and will create a strong starting point for conquering competitive keywords. Buy smart, invest in quality links which really pass weight to your website and increase your website positions on Google.
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