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Do You Want to Get 20 Times Higher ROI on Link Building?

High ROI

Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use own evaluation system – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.

Let’s compare what you get using LinksManagement and well known PR1-PR5 permanent, one-way link building services, that are provided by 90% of SEO companies – PR1-PR5 links, that come from links pages and are acquired with the help of 3-way link exchange, or come from blog comments.

Here is Proof that 1 PR6 Link for $65 / Month is 20 Times More Effective in Terms of ROI than 100 Permanent PR1-PR5 Links for One-Time Payment of $1,270

A PR6 link with 3 outbound links, acquired through LinksManagement for $65 / month (this is a real example) will pass to your website 4,427 of Google PR Weight. FYI: even 3125 of PR Weight will increase your site’s Google PR from PR0 to PR5. Learn more about Passed PR Weight20 times higher ROI on link building.

And a package of 100 permanent PR1-PR5 links, purchased from an average SEO company for a one-time payment of $1,270 will pass to your website only 214 of Google PR Weight (which is 20 times less than 1 PR6 link from LinksManagement can give you).

Why will those links pass to your website only 214 of PR Weight? Nowadays, links from links pages as well as blog comments have around 100 outbound links per page on average. Below you can see all calculations including total passed PR Weight from these 100 backlinks and their total price. (In our example we use lower prices than the average prices for such kind of links in the SEO industry.)

The table that shows the total PR weigh provided with the links of competitors

Moreover, many of these 100 links will be removed within the first 3 months; and 98% of them will be gone within 6 months. If you’ve already purchased such links, check their presence and you’ll see that most of them are removed.

Buy 3-5 Relevant Links a Week to Get Top 10 on Google Within 3-6 Months

Check Out PR1-PR7 Links We’ve Got for You

If you don’t have a LinksManagement account yet, you can sign up for free or find out more about our link building service.

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