3 Reasons to Stop Worrying about Your Site Rank

March 3, 2013
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Stop worrying about your site PR
Note: Google has recently abolished Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use own evaluation system – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.
Can you remember when you heard about the PageRank for the first time? I believe that it was the same day when you asked yourself: “Hey, stop! How did these guys get to the Google TOP 10?”. It always was a kind of common knowledge that the higher is your PagePank, the higher is your site rankings on Google. Well, actually, it used to be so. And even now this simple statement seems to be reasonable. But… Do you like pizza? I do. Now, run a search on Google for the keyword pizza NY (or just click here to see this SERP). What do we have in the TOP 10? PR6 – it’s OK, PR5 -it’s OK so far. But stop! What are they doing here, these poor sites of PR3 and PR2? In fact, they are showing you that the role of the PageRank in your search engine optimization activity is a little bit overestimated. How much? Let’s see. Here are three reasons why you should stop worrying about your site PR.

Why you should stop worrying about your site PR?

Reason 1

If you don’t work for Google, you know absolutely nothing about PageRank and its real impact on your site positions on SERPs. That is why any manipulations aimed at the PageRank sculpting (e.g. playing with nofollow links within your webpages) is nothing but one more way to waste your time in the context of your site optimization. As you can see in the example above with pizza NY search, the PageRank is not as crucial, as many people think.

Reason 2

If you run any link popularity campaign which implies your getting high quality links from the webpages with high PageRank, it will increase your site PR anyway. As you know, the link building main aim is the site promotion on SERPs. However, after the link building campaign the site PR index goes up as well. By the way, this by-effect is frequently used as a marketing lure in the frames of different special offers, etc.

Reason 3

PageRank sells neither your product nor service. Your site rankings on Google do. Your rich and interesting content does. The price of the goods you sell does. Even the Google trust towards your site does. Your site PageRank will be the last thing your client will look at when choosing new earphone/ferarri/pizza and so on. So, if you want to see your site on the Google top, pay attention to the things which are really important: your content and the quality of your inbound links. And stop worrying about your site PageRank.
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