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SEO Research: How 34 Backlinks Outrank 5,081

We found a website with only 34 backlinks for the keyword phrase bad credit loans that had much better rankings on Google than 2 his competitors with 1,080 and 5,081 backlinks for the same keyword phrase! Click here to download their backlink profile and anchor text reports to see everything with your own eyes. (Backlinks were found and exported from 3 different powerful SEO tools, including Free SEO Cost Calculator.)

Comments to these files:

1. Website snappybadcreditloans.com SEO Research

At that time his competitor badcreditpersonalloansbn.com

2. Another example – that same website snappybadcreditloans.com

At that time another of his competitors solarloansforbadcredit.com

  • has 6,836 referring domains
  • 835 backlinks with exact match anchor text for keyword phrase ‘loans for bad credit’
  • and 4,246 more backlinks with broad match anchor text for this keyword phrase
  • but it ranks… NOWHERE! It is NOT even in Top 500 on Google USA for keyword phrase ‘loans for bad credit’ (as well as for all other keywords). Why is that? Because 1) most of its backlinks come from non-English websites; 2) its backlink profile is over-optimized with exact anchor text match backlinks; 3) backlinks come from irrelevant, low quality sites.

Probably you wonder what factors allowed this website snappybadcreditloans.com to get so high rankings on Google with so little number of backlinks?

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