4 Things Google Does to Mislead Website Owners

October 10, 2012
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Did you ever notice something strange about Google actions? Did you ever see your rankings go down when they were supposed to go up and increase instead of going down? Usually those website owners, who use a SEO expert for link building, blame him in every strange activity, but those, who tried buying links by themselves, learned about cryptic actions of Google.

For over 12 years Google is working hard on improving his algorithms in order to show only high-quality relevant websites in search results. The latest Google June 2019 Core Update is focused on users’ satisfaction and it crashed some websites while boosting other ones. Dig into further details with our article on Google Algorithm Update. The main idea is to prevent spammers and low quality sites from getting to the Top 10. But how many harmless webmasters were misled by Google during their link building campaign.

There are at least 4 actions of Google which are targeted to mislead website owner during his link building campaign:

1. Fresh Goes First

When a new content of your website is indexed by Google at the first time, the search engine gives decent rankings boost for this page and may appear on the third, second or even on the first page of Google for not very competitive terms. So, in the beginning, Google looks mostly on content and on-page optimization and doesn’t calculate the number of backlinks. If the link building campaign is performed at this time then website owners do a wrong conclusion that this is a total success of SEO. Moreover, they start to think that something was done wrong when their keywords start losing their rankings afterwards. This may lead to a number of SEO mistakes.

2. Reaction on new links

The first reaction of Google on new links is ranking improvement. In some cases, it’s powerful with astonishing results. It is familiar with the first example with fresh website but this time, it happens after you start your link building campaign. Remember that the first wave sometimes is powerful but your goal is to maintain those high rankings.

3. Google test

Google test is what can happen to any website. You may experience rankings boost in the beginning of your link building campaign or not, but your rankings may fall for some keywords for 1-2 weeks. There is no remedy for this and everyone who ever did SEO experienced it. This Google action can be easily explained: if your rankings go down after buying links, you will most likely remove them being afraid that they caused this ranking drop.

Google will return your rankings back either way, but you may lose money and link juice if you cancel links.

4. Unnatural Links Notification

In July 2011, Google started to send out unnatural links notifications which appeal to remove unnatural links. There are a few examples when Google can say that links are unnatural with confidence, but it still manages to send thousands of notifications daily. It really looks like in most cases these messages are targeted to decrease the great influence of SEO experts on SERPs. By the way, you can find very interesting articles on the Internet from various offers who tend to think that results of the link building campaign do not change on the fact if you react on this notification or not.

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