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5 Simple Steps On How to Build Penguin-Friendly Backlinks

Penguin-friendly backlink profile

In the last few years, Google paid close attention to the spamming techniques you use in order to get higher rankings and made some valuable changes to its algorithm.

Since Google has launched the Penguin Update, many websites have been penalized for being spammy and containing irrelevant backlinks. Penguin is aimed at detecting low-quality backlinks, that is why it is vital to make your link building campaign look natural for Google. Here are some valuable link building tips on how to build Penguin-friendly backlinks and avoid Google penalties.

Google claims that getting a high ranking without backlinks is really, really hard. So, what should you take into account?

  1. Diversify your backlink profile. A good link building profile contains a variety of backlinks, including the homepage, subpage backlinks, naked backlinks, backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text, contextual backlinks, backlinks with the brand name anchor text, etc. Treat your link profile as a whole and review new backlinks in the context of your existing ones.
  2. Use the most accurate link building metrics. Toolbar Page Rank is officially dead. To help our clients to assess the trustworthiness and power of a page or domain, LinksManagement has developed our own evaluating system – SB Rank. It can be considered as a full replacement for Google PR.
  3. Spy on your competitors. Analyzing your competitors you will most probably notice some strong, relevant backlinks, try to get them as well. For this purpose, you can use SEMrush, for instance. It can show you toxic backlinks that won’t do you any good. Moreover, you can use our free competition research tool – SEO Cost Calculator – to analyze as many of your competitors as you want and implement its recommendations.
  4. Always try to improve existing backlinks. You can do it in a number of ways: optimize anchor text, add the “alt” attribute to image links, find dropped links and try to recover them, improve the content of the link source, link to the more relevant inner page on your site rather than the homepage where it is appropriate, fix redirect chains, etc. All new backlinks have to be tracked and checked.
  5. Get rid of “dangerous” backlinks. Removal of bad backlinks is crucial for getting out of Google’s sanctions or preventing them. You should pay attention to the following indicator: referring domains, types of content, cross-links, dofollow vs. nofollow backlinks. To learn more, read our guide on how to check your links profile and clean it up.

If you want to get backlinks that are actually valuable and relevant for your website, then our methods will help to increase your rankings for the long term safely. In addition, link building can be quite a tedious sequence of operations, so let our SEO Expert Tool select backlinks and manage your entire SEO & link building campaign!

Free SEO expert tool

Going forward, I believe you won’t make the same mistakes twice and get in touch with us if the professional advice is required.

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