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50% OFF PR1-PR7 Links (Life-time Discount for Christmas Special)

Christmas Special

Get a LIFETIME 50% discount for PR1-PR7 backlinks that you purchase before 01.01.2014. All links that you buy before 01.01.2014 will keep their 50% lower price forever, that’s why today is the best time to invest in your rankings, sales and business growth. Those links that would cost you $1,000 before, can now be taken for just $500!

We were very surprised that some publishers agreed to lower their prices that much for the Christmas special and are really glad to launch this special and offer such a great opportunity to you.


  1. Since not all of our publishers agreed to provide a 50% discount for their links, this Special Offer is only available for those websites, for which the discount is displayed in our Buy Links Inventory (the old price is stricken out).
  2. To view the available PR7 link with 50% discount, you’ll need to either remove all filters in our Buy Links Inventory or set the filters to display the available backlink pages in ‘All other countries’ too.
  3. As soon as 3 links are sold from a webpage, this webpage automatically disappears from our Buy Links Inventory because we want the webpages to look natural and keep low number of OLs on them. So the hottest offers will be sold out quickly. We are sorry about that, but we can only suggest you to hurry up not to regret for the lost opportunity later.

Secret tip: all the links added to our Gradual Purchase cart will keep their 50% lower price until they’re purchased – even after the 1st of January, 2014. In fact, Gradual Purchase cart is designed for those who want to make their link building look more natural by scheduling a slowly link building, so if you want to buy quite many links in order to save as much as possible, but you don’t want to buy all of the desired backlinks within a short time-frame (which can look unnatural to Google), you can use our Gradual Purchase cart and schedule slowly link building for the desired backlinks. Since prices for all links, added to this cart, are saved until the links are purchased, that’s a secret way that you can use to buy links with 50% discount even after the special ends! (Please note that if after 01.01.2014 you remove any links from the Gradual Purchase tab, their price will go back to normal and you won’t be able to acquire them with 50% discount anymore.)

So even if you’re not sure yet whether you’re going to buy many links or not, just add some links to your Gradual Purchase cart and set a slowly link building speed. This will allow you to reserve the 50% price for those backlinks! Reserve your 50% discount today, add some links to the Gradual Purchase cart.

Buy PR1-PR7 Links with 50% Discount Right Now

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