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Permanent Backlinks Improve [Now They Live Longer]

Spring is in full play and we have something to please you this April:

We implemented new regulations for your permanent backlinks to live longer:

  1. We started to pay our publishers for permanent backlinks during 12 months.
  2. Publishers will be fined if they delete the permanent backlink even after 12-months period.

7 benefits of permanent backlinks:

  1. You can achieve #1 on Google with literally ANY budget.
  2. Once you reach #1 on Google, you won’t have to pay a single PENNY to keep that ranking.
  3. When you invest in permanent links, you make a decision to get 100% of effectiveness from your link building campaign and to get in the Top 10 of Google for sure.
  4. You’ll save a lot because all links are paid only once and because we guarantee that all links will stay alive for minimum 12 months.
  5. You don’t need to pay for links on a monthly basis. It means that even when you don’t have any cash, your business will not be ruined since links are NOT going to be canceled because of that.
  6. You can stop your link building campaign any time and all your backlinks are going to remain active.
  7. You invest once and get the benefit on a monthly basis.

More about permanent backlinks and their benefits read here.



We always do our best to make our system the most comfortable for our clients. Have comments and suggestions? Let us hear your feedback.

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