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Backlinks Quality Criteria

Backlinks quality criteria

Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.

In our SEO research, we often face situations when websites with a lower number of backlinks have much better rankings on Google than sites with much higher numbers of backlinks. The same thing frequently happens with our customers, who outrank their competition by acquiring quite a small number of backlinks with us, compared to what their competitors have.

We were conducting competition research for one of our customers and found an amazing example that we wanted to share with you. We found a website with only 34 backlinks for the keyword phrase ‘bad credit loans‘ that had much better rankings on Google than 2 his competitors with 1,080 and 5,081 backlinks for the same keyword phrase! Check out the details of this research.

When we find such situations, we like to analyze the quality of the backlinks such websites have in order to find out what factors allow them to outrank their competition with such low number of backlinks. Many studies have been done to answer the question of links quality criteria and their effect on the search engine rankings. Our research has shown that if you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, your backlinks should correspond to the following:

Links Quality Criteria

  1. After the recent Google Penguin 4.0 Update, it became even more important for backlinks to come fromFocus on quality websites hosted in the same country where you want to rank well. For example, if you want to be #1 on Google.com in USA, your links should come from websites hosted in USA. Since LinksManagement is focused on USA business owners, most of the sites in our inventory are hosted in USA. And websites from non-English countries are automatically filtered out to the list of ‘Other countries’.
  2. Links should come from webpages with Google PageRank1 and higher. Note: PR0 links also improve your site rankings on Google and they are also necessary for your backlink profile to look natural to Google (learn more about natural PageRank distribution formula). Since PR0 links have lower Google PR Weight than PR1+ links, it’s better to purchase only PR1+ links, but it is NOT recommended to remove links that dropped from PR1+ to PR0 (find out why).
  3. Links should come from relevant webpages. Even if a referring website is NOT relevant, but a referring webpage on that website is relevant to your site topic, a backlink from this webpage is considered as relevant and quality. Note: links from non-relevant websites also improve rankings on Google, but not so much as relevant links. Also note that relevancy is now far more important than Google PR of the webpage. Even a PR1 link from a relevant webpage can improve your site rankings better than a PR2 or maybe even a PR3 link from a totally irrelevant website. Learn how to find highly relevant backlink pages in LinksManagement ‘Buy Links’ Inventory.
  4. Links should be placed manually, and not automatically using some script. Automatically placed links are easily detectable by search engines and, in most cases, are useless since search engines just disregard them. (Sometimes, in excessive quantities, they can even hurt your site rankings.) 100% of links, built by LinksManagement are placed manually.
  5. Links should be placed on webpages frequently indexed by Google and other search engines. What’s the use of the links not even found by Google? That’s why LinksManagement filters out websites that are indexed by Google less than once a month to make sure you can only acquire high quality, frequently indexed backlinks with us.
  6. Links should be placed on pages with real Google PageRank. Nowadays it has become very profitable to sell links, and especially from high PR pages. That’s why some website owners found tactics that allow them to manipulate with Google PR and gain fake PR for their websites (up to PR10). We know how they do this, so we implemented an algorithm that allows us to detect and filter out all websites with fake PR from our inventory.
  7. Links should be placed on websites that are NOT deindexed, NOT banned, NOT on link farms, NOT on bad neighborhood sites. LinksManagement has implemented algorithms that detect and filter out all low quality websites from our inventory:
    • sites deindexed by Google
    • sites penalized by Google
    • sites totally banned by Google
    • bad neighborhood sites (sites linking to other low quality sites)
    • link farms
    • sites with duplicated content
    • sites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
    • or any other websites considered as low quality by LinksManagement
  8. Links should be placed on webpages with low numbers of outbound links. The number of outbound links directly influences the passed Google PR Weight (link juice) from the referring webpage to your website. That’s why LinksManagement automatically filters out all webpages with more than 30 outbound links from our inventory.
  9. And finally, in our opinion, perfect links should be placed within the content of the referring webpage! If you carefully analyze backlinks of websites that outrank their competition with low number of backlinks, you’ll see that most of their links are placed within the page content. Our research has shown that this is one of the most important reasons for a backlink profile to look natural and for a website to have strong rankings on Google. (100% of links, built by LinksManagement are surrounded with your unique content.)

We believe that the fact that our links correspond to each of the aforementioned factors greatly helps our clients to successfully achieve their goals, i.e. to get #1 on Google for their targeted keywords and increase their traffic and sales. For instance, check out how Sean achieved the Top 10 on Google in 1 month with just 4 backlinks.

Read Full, 13 Steps Guide on How to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google.

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