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BlackList Function Release [Make Sure To Review]

Recently we’ve implemented a special function in our inventory for our clients – adding websites to BlackList. Now you have an opportunity to add websites to Blacklist in order to exclude those sites you no longer want to see in our inventory. Here are the details you need to know:

What Is It For?

BlackList function is made for creating an opportunity for you of automatic filtration of publishers’ platforms.

You can:

  • add websites to BlackList (websites, not URLs)
  • see a list of websites in your BlackList
  • delete websites from your BlackList

What Does It Give You?

  • no longer see offers from these websites in your inventory
  • our SEO Expert tool no longer selects pages from these websites for you
  • our system no longer repurchases pages from these websites for you

How to Add Websites There?

  • go to the inventory
  • check the boxes against the websites that you want to add to BlackList
  • scroll to the end of the page and push the button “Add Selected To BlackList”
  • our system will automatically add the websites to your BlackList


Where Can You See the BlackList?

  • go to your personal account right at the top of your page
  • choose “My BlackList” tab


What Websites Can You Add There?

When you search for websites to place your backlinks, you often see websites that do not correspond to your specified characteristics. If you want such websites to be no longer displayed in the inventory, simply add them to your BlackList. They will be only displayed in your BlackList and you always can delete them from it.


You add a website to the BlackList, if:

  1. It’s a low-quality website with poor design and weak content
  2. This website is often unavailable and has hosting problems
  3. This website is under Google filters
  4. The website has a lot of external links, thus, it loses its value as a donor
  5. This website is not relevant to your website theme
  6. Pricing or other characteristics of this website are unacceptable for you
  7. Website owner doesn’t publish your backlinks

What do you think of this function? Is it comfortable for you to have it? Your opinion is very important to us, so please provide your feedback in the comments below. Thank you!

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