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Choose Right Links to Boost your Traffic

Starting right link building strategy
We have so many clients who didn’t know what they actually purchase before they make an order. I understand how hard it is to make a decision when you do not have enough information, do not have time to read it or simply it is hard for understanding. That’s why today I’d like to explain link building in simple words. I’ll tell you what is good and what is not. What links will give you effect and what links will not. What strategies will drive a huge traffic and which can fail.

How to Choose Links

First of all when you purchase links you should know the following information about them:

  1. What Domain and Page Authority (DA and PA) has the webpage where the link will be placed. The higher the DA and PA, the more it costs and the better results it brings.
  2. If these links are dofollow or nofollow. Try to get dofollow links because nofollow links almost do not increase rankings on Google. You should purchase only links without nofollow attribute.
  3. How many outbound links are on the page where your link will be placed. The less number of outbound links is on the page where you get the link, the more weight will be passed to your website and the better results you get.
  4. Sites where you get the links should have a good Google reputation. Make sure that the website is marked by Google as a malicious. If the websites is malicious then Google results Page tells you about this before sending you to that site.

What backlinks Really Drive Traffic

If you decided to build links by yourself or order a link building service, you must understand that it all comes to quality of links and your strategy. I’ve already told you how to choose links and now we will discuss your strategy.

Don’t think that link building will drive traffic directly from the link because it will not. I mean that most of the people will not click on your link. That’s why there is no need to write slogan-key phrases. You will get traffic from the search engines like Google when someone is looking for the information related to your website. That’s why number 2 in the list of importance is good keyword or keyword phrase that must appear on the first page and drive enough traffic to your website. You can read how to choose keyword at, also you’ll get extra information from our staff on how to choose keywords right after you purchase one of our SB Rank 1-SB Rank 7 Links Plans.

Google and other search engines do not pass all the weight to your website instantly. In order for the link juice to influence on your website rankings in full force, you need to keep links alive for at least 3 months. This is the minimum time that is needed for your website to get the part of the link juice and really increase your rankings and traffic. Here I must notice that there are a lot of situations when some clients experience significant rankings increase in less than a month but this is more an exception than a rule.

So the best way to improve your rankings and boost traffic is:

  1. Purchase high-quality links (dofollow links from webpages with SB Rank 1- SB Rank 7 with a minimum amount of outbound links). I wouldn’t recommend you to go for chip links as you may do worse for your website and then it will be more expensive for you too.
  2. Choose a keyword that is popular among your clients but at the same time is not very competitive, so it fits the funds that you are ready to spend for the link building campaign.
  3. Keep the link for at least 3-6 months before making a decision about the effectiveness of your link building campaign.
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