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Extra backlinks

LinksManagement team wanted to thank you for your business and due to the coming Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday & Cyber Monday holidays, we will give you 30% of extra backlinks for free, added to your current active links that you’re going to have on the 9th of December, 2013. For example, if on the 9th of December, 2013, you’re going to have 100 active backlinks, you’ll get 30 additional new links totally free! We’ll buy them for you for our own money.

To apply for the special offer:

  1. Buy as many links as you want before the 9th of December, 2013. The more active links you’ve got, the more extra free links you’ll get. (Note: it’s not obligatory to buy new links if you’re an existing customer. If you already have active backlinks, you’ll get bonus links in any case. Just the more active links you have, the more bonus links you’ll get.)
  2. Add those links that you want to get for free to your cart with desired anchor texts on 9th of December, and let us know that you want us to buy them for you for free. We’ll upload bonus funds to your account and purchase the links.

Links with any PR can be selected, but their total cost should not exceed 30% from the total monthly cost of your active backlinks. For example, if your active links cost $1,000, then you can select any number of links with any PR that will cost not more than $300 in total and we’ll buy them for you for free.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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