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April 4, 2023
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‍There is a topical issue LinksManagement will address today — why is it so crucial for you to keep links active for as long as possible?

‍You see, active links are like the veins of your website. They keep the whole system functioning while giving the signals that your “body” is healthy and strong enough to battle any infections. Skipping the metaphor, backlinks actually provide value to your website, keeping it on top of online searches.

‍Active links help Google crawl and index your website effectively, avoiding any penalties. Let’s get a bit deeper into how it works:

  • With the help of “spiders”, automated software, Google crawls and indexes your content on the web. When a spider comes across a link on a website, it follows that link to discover more content. Active links ensure that Google’s spiders can crawl your website and find all your pages, including new ones.
  • After crawling your website, Google’s spiders index your pages so that they can appear in search results. Active links help Google index your pages faster and more efficiently, leading to better visibility in search results.
  • Inactive, broken as well as links that were removed too fast after their placement can hurt your website’s reputation and lead to Google penalties. By keeping your links active and ensuring they point to high-quality websites, you can avoid these penalties and maintain a positive reputation with Google.

Google’s Penalties for Links Removal

Due to the removal of the link or even its absence and then reappearance in the same location afterward, Google indicates the backlink as unnatural and purchased. So, it penalizes your website which results in a drastic drop in the ranking.

‍Here are a couple of more reasons why it’s so paramount for a link to stay active for as long as possible. First of all, it usually takes a couple of weeks for a backlink to take a page one rank higher on Google. And, of course, the backlink has to stay in its place all this time.

‍Another more important reason is possible Google penalties. You’ve probably heard of tons of Google’s index filters and updates. At the core of each of them, there is a simple rule — your content as well as backlinks shouldn’t conflict with the marketing practices enforced by Google.

‍The removal or temporary absence of a link on a page indexed by search engines is one of these signals. It negatively affects the external promotion of the website as well as its ranking.

‍So, LinksManagement experts strongly recommend you keep your links active for as long as possible to win Google’s trust, send credible signals, and benefit from constant and organic traffic flow!

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