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How LinksManagement Updates PageRanks and Prices of The Backlink Pages

Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.

If the PageRank of the purchased backlink changes, LinksManagement will automatically change the price for this backlink for the next month. If the PR drops, the price will be automatically lowered, so you will never overpay for links, which lost their PR. If the PR increases, the price will be automatically increased, in according to the new PR (this will ensure that the publisher won’t cancel the link if the PageRank has increased, since he’ll start to receive a new, higher payment for this link as well).

Note: it is strongly NOT recommended to cancel the links at all and even if their PR dropped to PR0 because of the following reasons:

  1. It may look suspicious to Google that your links disappear. It is a signal that your site became worse and people remove links, pointing to it. And if your links disappear exactly after their PR dropped to PR0, it looks even more suspicious. And, from the other side, if your links stay even after the PR decrease, it will be a good sign that you did NOT purchase these links since you didn’t remove them after the PR drop. So it’s much better to NOT cancel PR0 links as, in fact, doing so will make your backlink profile and whole link building campaign stronger, and not weaker. By leaving PR0 links active, you will pay a very small price for them and increase your Google Trust Rank.
  2. PR0 links (as well as PR1-PR3 links) are necessary in order to make your backlink profile look natural to Google due to the Natural PageRank Distribution Formula.
  3. Don’t forget about the link age. Old links are better than the new ones. Old links also increase your Google trust rank, just by being old (regardless of their PR).
  4. The PageRank decrease can be temporary because of the Google PR Update, Google Dance and other factors making the PR not stable. So the actual PR can be higher than the one you see in your toolbar right now.
  5. PR0 links are so cheap that we don’t earn anything on them at all. The only reason why we recommend you keep PR0 links active is for you to have a more natural backlink profile, avoid any Google penalties and, as a result, to have better rankings, higher traffic and more sales. We motivated our publishers to set the prices for PR0 links so low in order to save your funds and to make you want to leave these links active as the success of your whole link building campaign depends on them too.

4 Factors, Making The PR Unstable

If you manually check your backlink page PageRank and see that it is different from what is currently shown in the List of Built Links in LinksManagement CP, it means that the PageRank of that backlink page is unstable right now. If LinksManagement detects that the PR is unstable, it will not update the PR for the link until it stabilizes. There are 4 different cases when the PageRank is unstable:

  1. A global Google PageRank Update has been started. This PageRank update is performed by Google around 4 times a year and lasts 2-4 weeks. Google recalculates the PR of each webpage, of each website, throughout the entire internet. When it is started, PageRanks of all the websites are changing (sometimes on a daily basis) and they are not stable. It can take from 2 to 5 weeks for all the PageRanks to be updated and stabilized.
  2. Google Dance is running. When Google Dance is started, PageRanks of the websites may also jump up and down, so the PR is also unstable. Do you want to find out what else can make your traffic & rankings dance? Learn more about Google June 2019 Core Update.
  3. Google updates the PageRank of the exact website or even webpage. In addition to the global Google PageRank Update that occurs around 4 times a year and concerns the entire Internet, Google is also regularly updating the PageRanks of separate websites or even webpages.
  4. Google doesn’t return the same PR during several requests to its data centers through the API. Thousands of companies in the world make millions—and even billions—of requests to Google on a daily basis, trying to check the PageRank of a webpage. We don’t even mean manual checks, done by people. We mean huge checks, performed by SEO and web marketing companies automatically via API or using any other ways to check the PR in bulk. That’s the reason why, quite often, Google doesn’t return the PR during a check at all (it may return PR0 or PR N/A at that time when the actual PR is PR5, for example) or doesn’t return the same PR during several checks in a short period of time (within just a few seconds or minutes).

When our service detects any of the listed above activities, it doesn’t update the PR of backlinks at once, since it’s inaccurate. We have implemented an intelligent system of multiple PageRank checks during different periods of time from different IP addresses, in order to make sure that the PR is correct. As soon as the PR stabilizes and different checks of the PR from different IPs return the same PageRank for the webpage during 3 weeks, LinksManagement automatically updates the PR in the List of Built Links and automatically changes the price for this backlink for both LinksManagement customers and publishers.

This system was implemented in order to save both our customers and publishers from panic or massive links cancellations by either of the sides when any of the above listed events occur. For example, if we did not implement this algorithm, then when Google doesn’t return the PR correctly, we would just update the PR to PR0 or PR N/A for a lot of backlinks and LinksManagement customers would cancel such links. If customers do not cancel such links and prolong them, then LinksManagement publishers would receive inadequate, very low payments for these links as they were updated to PR0 at that time when the actual PageRanks of these backlinks are high and NOT PR0.

So, in any case, this would cause massive link cancellations and a lot of negative consequences for both customers and publishers. That’s why LinksManagement has implemented a difficult system of multiple PageRank checks from different IPs during different periods of time in order to determine when the PageRanks stabilize, in order to be able to confidently update the PageRanks in the system and to be sure they are correct.

All this means that, sometimes, you—as a LinksManagement customer—may see different PageRanks for some of the backlinks, listed in the List of Built Links and in your web browser.That’s not an error and not a bug. It just means that, because of one of the reasons listed above, the Google PR is not stable right now. That’s why it wasn’t updated yet. There is nothing to worry about, LinksManagement system will automatically detect when the PR stabilizes and update PageRanks and prices of your backlinks in the List of Built Links Interface. The main aims of the above described LinksManagement algorithm are:

  1. To make the LinksManagement system fair for both customers and publishers. To make sure that our customers never overpay for the backlinks, and, at the same time, that our publishers also get adequate payments for the backlinks.
  2. To avoid massive links cancellations by either of the parties (customers and publishers) and to avoid all negative consequences this may cause.
  3. To save our customers time on links checks.
  4. To provide our customers with a stable system and confidence in the correct PageRanks of the backlink pages.
  5. And the most important goal is to provide a LinksManagement customer with such a system that will help him in all ways to achieve the Top 10 rankings on Google as soon as possible, yet naturally and safely.
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