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Guide on How to Increase Website Rankings after Google Penguin 4.0

Google Penguin
Penguin 4.0, which was released on October 17, 2014, hit a lot of websites on the Internet. To our big satisfaction, there were only 7% of LinksManagement customers who reported the ranking drop due to the latest Google update. Keep abreast of the recent updates from Google and get ready for revamps if you want to take the leading spots on SERPs. Read about June 2019 Core Update in detail here.

Our team of SEO experts spent time on analyzing the customers who successfully increased their rankings even after the release of Penguin 4.0, and those who experienced ranking drops. We were able to track certain patterns that differed successful campaigns from those which were hit by Google update.

How to Trick Google Penguin

  1. Purchase only quality links from authority websites (Domain Authority 20+) and with various SB Rank.
  2. Create links with as many variations of the anchor text as possible. This means that if you create 100 links, then the best choice for you will be the creation of 100 different anchor texts for these links, or at least 25.
  3. Surround your links with text. The surrounding text makes your link look less like spammy advertising. We saw many cases when the links which were placed on the website without any surrounding text were considered by Google as artificial links. With LinksManagement you can surround your links with 500 symbols of text (250 symbols before and 250 after the link).
  4. Target links to different web pages of your website for which they are optimized for. Don’t target all the links to one page.

Guide on How to Increase Your Website Rankings after Google Penguin 4.0

Those rules look pretty simple for an advanced website owner who knows something about SEO. But for those who only started conquering Google tops, we created a simple walkthrough:

How to Increase Your Website Rankings after Google Penguin

  1. Select at least 7 keywords which you’d like to improve rankings for or recover from Google Penguin penalty. Try to choose long tail keywords or those which are already close to the Google Top 10, in this case your link building campaign will give results faster.
  2. Estimate the cost of bringing these keywords to the Top 10 using our Free SEO Cost Calculator. If some of these keywords are too expensive, then try to replace them with less competitive ones.
  3. As soon as you created the list of keywords, it is time to choose the web pages of your website which are optimized for them. It is a good strategy to target the links to different pages. In the well optimized websites, each page is optimized for a certain keyword. So if you are going to increase rankings for 7 different keywords, then most likely you will need create the list of 7 different pages of your website. Learn how to choose the best pages to point the links to.
  4. Now create a list of anchor texts.
  5. Purchase quality links gradually. You can use any of these options:
    • ‘Buy Links’ interface to select and purchase the best links by yourself. It allows you to apply various filters while performing the search of the backlink pages, review the links before the order, provide the specific details for each link that you purchase.
    • A help of a Free SEO Expert Tool who can select and even purchase the links for you.

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