High Ranking with Irrelevant Links?

October 10, 2013
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Analyzing website ranking There are lots of debates on the Internet regarding relevant and irrelevant backlink pages. Some claim that links from irrelevant sites do not do any good, some prove that the top rankings can be achieved with links from irrelevant websites. Basically, there is no question that relevant links are great, but what if you just can’t find a place for your links on the websites of your competitors (i.e. from relevant sites)? And can irrelevant links really harm? So we decided to ask our clients, who reached the Top rankings on Google, about their experience with irrelevant links.
Robert Nuli I have been using LinksManagment service for my website: for 2 months. I got to Top 10 for one of my keywords in Google search results. I try to choose related categories, but if I can’t get enough links and PR weight from there, I use unrelated links too.

Robert Nuli

Nimrod Flores I had to buy other links that are not relevant because there’s not enough available pages that are relevant to my site and that are within my budget. 14 days later since the first link was placed, I was seeing in my analytics account 183% increase in traffic coming from Google search.

Nimrod Flores

What would you choose:
  • Getting links from relevant website?
  • Getting link from irrelevant article at New York Times or BBC?
Evidently, that if you have links on authoritative domain, that mentions your website URL or brand even in irrelevant article, it may have even a bigger impact on your rankings than a link on relevant website with low Domain and Page Authorities. Share your point of view in comments to this article.
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