How to Choose the Link Building Speed

October 10, 2012
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Link building speed
Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.
Admit that link building is a process that requires a lot of time to spend. Even the Lord spent six days on building the Earth instead of doing it for one day. Why He didn’t make it? Because He deeply developed the strategy of how the world is going to exist for a long time. The same concerns webmasters who are still looking for the answers on how to build links in a short period of time. Let’s try to find these answers in the row of issues that can hinder you to see your site on the first page of SERPs. The point is that each website is unique, with its number of links. Naturally, your links are being built slowly except the situation when your site goes viral.

There are 3 reasons you should understand why it is highly recommended to purchase links slowly:

  1. The Number of Links. The smaller number of links you already have, the slower should be your link building process and vice versa, the larger number is, the more links you can purchase in short period of time. Link building should gradually grow. That is to say, you should start the link building campaign with a small number of the quality and relevant links. They will bring you initial PR weight , afterwards you can build more links and step-by-step increase link mass. Starting with too many links can give a sudden grow and in a week you can kiss your link building campaign good-bye.
  2. Index Rate. Indexation is in hands of Google and only Google knows when it will be finished. In case the backlink pages are frequently indexed by Google, consequently Google finds them quality and unique and does not erase them. Buying links on pages which are indexed by Google means that they will be noticed by it and will provide value to your website. If Google does not index pages, probably with low quality, you can build thousands of links and get no penalty, but pull a boner with your money.
  3. The Quality of Links. Link Building velocity depends on quality of your precious links and on PR level of the pages where you are placing them. When you are targeted on building of high PR links quickly it falls under suspicion. The links with lower PR is possible to buy faster, but buying links with high PR, for example, PR4-PR8 links, is impossible to purchase as quickly as PR1-PR3 links. Simply saying, you can purchase 5 PR1 links during one day, however you cannot buy 5 PR5 links during the same period of time. Why? Therefore, with such a huge growth of PR weight during short term can be fallen under suspicion by Google.


In conclusion it would be appropriate to mention a well-known quote: “The biggest starts with the smallest”. Link building is a long-term process and requires patience. Starting with not a huge number of links and placing them on quality and frequently indexed websites will give you a growth in SERPs. Moreover, such a sort of link building strategy looks more natural, consequently more effective it becomes. This means you get high ROI, nice sales and beloved by Google. P.S. Remember that every website is unique, that’s why I recommend you to take into account all of the factors (PR of the backlink pages, index rate and the number of links which you already have) while deciding how often to buy links or ask our SEO experts.
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