Get Top 10 on Google Within 3-6 Months

How to Get in the Top 10 on Google Sooner

SEOIn addition to our 13 Steps Guide to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google, we’d like to share a few more tips with you to help you get high rankings on Google sooner:

1. Add more pages to your website

According to some researches, most of the sites possessing the first 5 positions on Google for the most competitive keywords have at least 38 pages. We believe Google likes sites with content, it treats them as more quality and valuable. That’s why we suggest you to have at least 35 to 40 pages on your website. The more, the better. And remember – your content should be unique. If you’re not sure about that, make sure to check it using, for example, this free content duplicate checker tool or copyscape.

2. Renew the content of the webpage to which your backlinks point to

Here we have to emphasize that the content renewal should be quality and regular. It’s not enough just to replace images and phrases in the very first paragraph of your promoted webpage. The content you add must be interesting to your site visitors. The more often you renew the content, the better it becomes. And the more frequently Google bot will visit your website to renew it in its cache.

3. Plug in the social network share buttons on your promoted webpages

Every share-click gives you one more referral and … one more position on Google. Google takes into account social activity, related to your website and will show your site higher in its SERPs if you have real Google Plus votes, Facebook likes and other social shares and thumbs ups. Plus webpages with high numbers of votes and social shares get more trust from Google and its users.

Hopefully, these tips will bring you to the Top 1 on Google sooner.

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