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Interview with a Winner of Google Nexus 7

Interview with a winner
One week ago LinksManagement led a September special offer in which customers who refilled their accounts had an opportunity to win the prize, Google Nexus 7. The prize was raffled at random. James Balley, Financial Consultant, was lucky enough to win it. Today Karin Foster interviewed LinksManagement winner.

James Balley, Financial ConsultantHi, James! Congratulations with your win. What are your emotions? How does it feel like?

Hello, Karin. Thanks a lot. That feels crazy. Frankly, I did not expect to get involved in this special because I refilled my account just a few hours before the end of the special.

The good luck is on your side. How long do you use LinksManagement?

I registered my account around 8 months ago.

What is the field of your business?

My business gravitates to the financial services niche.

How did you choose LinksManagement?

I’ve used to work in finance, so SEO looked complicated to me in the very beginning. But I spent too much on advertising without much ROI. Also I haven’t seen my website even on the sixth page of Google and this fact disappointed me, as I knew that it didn’t bring even 40% of its possible income. This is why I decided to act. Luckily I contacted you guys, received basic instructions on link building and this gave me enough confidence to make an investment in the link building campaign.

How long did you wait for results and how much did you invest?

I’ve spent around $5000 during 5 months ($1000 per month) on a pretty competitive term before I started covering my expenses. By the end of the 5th month I wanted to give up and cancel all the links since my rankings didn’t improve really much. But I was convinced to wait for at least 2 more months for links to pass all their PR weight and the miracle happened! One month later my website suddenly jumped in rankings very significantly up to the top-10 on Google. For a little while I’ve got my main keyword in top-3 and started to receive tremendous traffic.

What’s your current ROI?

For the first 5 months, it didn’t return me a single penny. But when I got in top 3, I began earning $2340 of net profit monthly. So ROI is pretty high – currently 234%.

In your opinion, what is the key factor of your success in getting into Top 10 on Google with LinksManagement?

Firstly, as Benjamin Franklin said “Energy and persistence conquer all things”. Link building is a long-term process which brings good ROI, but only if you are ready to wait for at least 6 months. Patience is necessary. Secondly, I think I succeeded because I have purchased links with different PR including low PR links. Thirdly, I also purchased links slowly and gradually, not all at once for my link building campaign to look natural to Google. Seems it worked out.

What are your plans for the future?

Now I plan to move my funds from AdWords into SEO since my ROI for SEO is much higher. I want to increase my budget for SEO to around $5K per month and get high rankings for a set of very competitive keywords. Hope you’ll help me do that 🙂

Thank you! Can we publish this interview on our website with your website URL and keywords for which you succeeded?

Honestly speaking, I don’t want you to share my website URL and keywords with anyone because there is a tough competition in my field. As to the interview itself, I don’t mind, feel free to publish it.

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