Is It Enough to Be in the Google Top 10?

October 10, 2013
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Google Top 10 Why should your website be on the 1st page of Google? What do you really need to do to overcome your competitors and achieve the 1st spot in SERPs? Everybody knows that to increase your rankings, you need quality backlinks. That’s right! But for some reason over 60% of website owners can’t achieve the Top 10 on Google. Why? These people are missing the most important factors of successful SEO campaign. But before they will be named, we need to define the term of ‘successful link building campaign in 2018’. Successful link building campaign in 2018 is the set of events, which are targeted to achieve a situation, when the total value of all your backlinks and value from on-page optimization of your website is higher, than the total value of your competitor website. Now it is a lot easier to understand why some people never achieve the Top 10. The total value their website received from on-page & off-page SEO simply wasn’t enough to overcome their competitors. In 2013 you don’t simply need to build backlinks, you need to do it in a natural way, because all the links which will be built without following the guidelines described in this article will be simply ignored by Google. So basically you will not get any value from links, which are purchased in unnatural way. Sometimes it even happens that some lucky website owners temporary achieve high rankings even without following these simple instructions, but sooner or later their rankings go in vain after the next Google update. To really increase your rankings on Google for a long time, you need to:
  1. Build or purchase more links than your competitor following these simple steps:
    • building links slowly. The new feature LiksManagement basket called ‘Gradual Purchase‘ allows you to schedule the link purchase.
    • using various anchor texts
    • distributing the anchor texts in a natural way
    • trying to purchase links on related websites
    • getting links from various DA Rank pages
    • pointing the links to homepage as well as to inner pages of your website
  2. Fill your website pages with unique and interesting content that will force your visitors to stay. Always monitor your bounce rate in Google Analytics. This is a good way to see if your content is really interesting like you think. Google was created for your visitors. If they like your site and spend their time there, then Google will also like it.
  3. Avoid duplicated content
  4. Do on-page optimization:
    • Add H1-H3 tags
    • Create unique page titles
    • Add alt tags to all images
    • Make your website load faster.


  1. If you didn’t implement this yet, then go for it. Start from estimating your SEO budget with the help of Free SEO Cost Calculator and move forward from there.
  2. If you already tried link building and didn’t achieve the result, then there are only 2 reasons for that:
    • You didn’t achieve the number of links of your competitors. Use Free SEO Cost Calculator to check that.
    • Your website got over optimized. Learn about the most common reasons of over optimization and find out what you can do about it.
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