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Why Does LinksManagement Requests to Charge My Payment Source Automatically?

PayPal subscription and preapproved payments

At LinksManagement, you can buy permanent links, that are paid only once, and monthly paid links, that should be paid on a monthly basis. If active monthly link is not prolonged, then you’ll lose valuable PR Weight and eventually lose your rankings on Google. Or if you’ve got some links in your ‘Gradual Purchase’ cart, selected by you, or ‘Campaigns’ cart, selected by our SEO Expert Tool, you’ll also need to have some funds on your account for these links to be successfully purchased. That’s why LinksManagement has implemented preapproved payments to keep your campaign running and for you not to lose the valuable links and rankings when you are on vacation, too busy to monitor your balance, or simply forget to upload the funds. Learn more about 7 benefits of preapproved payments.

How Preapproved Payments Work:

When you make the first payment, you are requested to allow LinksManagement to charge your credit card or PayPal automatically. Once that’s done, LinksManagement will start to check your account balance on the daily basis for:

  • active monthly links that require prolongation within the period from the current date till the end of the month
  • links, which will be purchased within the next 30 days through the Gradual Purchase cart or Campaigns cart
  • for link replacement (if this feature is activated in My Links interface)

The amount of automatic charge may be different since it depends on the amount of money, available in your LinksManagement account, and on the amount of payment, required for links prolongation and new links purchase. At first, we will try to charge your PayPal account (minimum $25), and then your credit card (minimum $25).

Example: if you have $200 in your LinksManagement account, but the total payment, required for successful links purchase or links prolongation within the next 30 days is $201, your PayPal or credit card will be charged for minimum $25.

All charged payments can be seen in your LinksManagement account balance and are only used to pay for backlinks. There are no hidden fees for any other services. You can manage your active subscriptions from the Balance tab. All extra SEO services, as well as all our SEO tools, are provided for FREE.

PayPal Subscription

PayPal Subscription is a recurrent cyclic monthly payment for the same amount of money. This payment method is suitable for those who want to take a full control of their budget and prolong backlinks always in time. PayPal Subscription guarantees full security of your data, fast payments, and no errors while charging.

Below are the most frequently asked questions. Check them out to learn more about this way of payment:

Q.: What do I have to do, if I have a subscription for $25 and I have to pay $56 for my backlinks per month?

A.: You have 3 options:

  • Create two subscriptions, each for an amount of $25;
  • Cancel the existing subscription and create the new one for an amount of $100. Then purchase additional backlinks, so that your monthly check would count for $100 per month.
  • Create PayPal Preapproval, as this is a “smart” subscription that will charge you exactly for an outstanding amount of money (minimum $25) and will guarantee, that you will not lose your backlinks if you are short of money on your account. You won’t be charged, if there are not enough funds on your account to prolong your active backlinks and buy new ones.

Q.: What will happen to the funds on my account?

A.: They will be used for backlinks prolongation and purchase.

Q.: If there is enough money on my account for backlinks prolongation, will I be charged anyway?

A.: You will be charged once per month regardless of the amount of money on your account. If you decrease your monthly income, you can decline some of your subscriptions here and create a new one, for a less amount of money.

Q.: How can I cancel this subscription?

A.: You can cancel PayPal Subscription anytime in your “Active Subscriptions” interface.

Q.: What is the difference between PayPal Subscription and PayPal Preapproval? If I have both, which one will work best?

A.: PayPal Subscription works always better as it charges you regardless of the amount of money on your account.


PayPal Subscription charges you once per month for the same amount of money.


If there’s a subscription for $100 and there are backlinks for an amount of $105, you can lose your backlinks because of the missing $5.

PayPal Express Checkout

Express Checkout allows you to pay for new links purchases and active links prolongation without logging in to PayPal every time. You’ll be able to just click “Buy” in the cart, and selected links will be purchased. You also won’t lose monthly links since they’ll be paid and prolonged automatically. It’s very convenient. You’ll be able to cancel it anytime.

PayPal Preapproval


PayPal Preapproval will charge you for the exact amount of money needed to prolong your active backlinks or buy new ones.


  • The amount of money is always different because of the different amount of backlinks needed to be prolonged or bought.
  • PayPal Preapproval expires every 6 months and you will have to create a new subscription again.
  • PayPal Preapproval has a money limit in $2000. It can’t charge you for more than $2000 if it is needed for prolonging your active backlinks.

Benefits of Preapproved Payments:

  1. You don’t have to regularly check your LinksManagement account balance to make sure you have enough funds for your links to be automatically prolonged or purchased.
  2. You don’t have to remember about your campaign and can be sure that your links will remain active.
  3. You can add the links in the Gradual Purchase Cart and enjoy automatic, gradual links purchase according to your set link building speed.
  4. You can let our SEO Expert Tool replace any purchased, but denied links for you with similar links in order to save your time and hassle, and also to make sure you always keep the number of your links increasing, but not decreasing.
  5. You can start a link building campaign, using our SEO Expert Tool that will select and buy backlinks for you; you only will check the achieved results from time to time.
  6. You can always check all made transactions in your account balance.
  7. Like many of our customers, thanks to all of the above advantages, you’ll achieve the Google Top 1 for hundreds of your keywords much faster than your competitors and win more business, more leads, and more customers!
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