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How to Make Backlinks for Website

The Internet technologies become important part of our life. All businesses are in need of permanent and hard support, development and promotion on the web.  Modern marketing industry cannot exist without special tools provided only by the Internet. In our world only cyberspace can globalize and compress the distance between a producer and a consumer. This unique option opens new possibilities in marketing helping to find more customers and followers. But, the growing Internet space not only represents infinite professional and communication field but also unites virtual space, takes away all borders and helps sustaining competition with other businesses from all around the world. How to sustain this competition and take the leadership?

In our time the best alternative solution for the Internet marketing is a backlinks.

What is a backlinking?

This is the most popular, effective and profitable promotion tool available today. For 17 years, backlinking is the most powerful and effective tool in the web. This specific web-marketing instrument helps to boost search engine ranking for your website. As we know, popular Internet pages are often associated with financial success and prosperity.

How to make backlinks for SEO?

All SEO specialists and web masters use backlinks for website promotion. But to achieve high web page visibility and ranking, you must thoroughly understand basic principles and rules of the game. If you do very simple and primitive steps, your promotion strategy will be ineffective. For a perfect day scenario, consistent plan of backlink promotion is a must. So, how to make quality backlinks and how does it work?

The quality link building is composed of many various ingredients. On the diagram below, you can see some main ingredients that contain most effective and powerful, quality backlinks strategy.


In this article, we will explain all about backlinks resources. This links building system called backlinks pyramid. More about backlinks pyramid you can find out at our website – https://www.linksmanagement.com/backlink-pyramid/ .

What is the backlinks resources and how to use it?

image2In the boundless Internet space, you can find many methods for the website promotion.  While many different instruments are available for your disposal, not all of them can be really helpful. By the way, in the web page promotion business, you can find a lots of “garbage” tools.

The garbage marketing tools are Internet resources that can create more lose than benefits. Actually, all the backlinks tools can turn to useless instruments, if you don’t know how to use it properly. So how to avoid this?

First, you need to completely understand, what kind of features every backlinking instrument has and then combine all proper instruments for your web marketing strategy.

Web partnership

Websites partnership could be effective backlinks tool. We are not talking about partners’ programs. As for the partner programs, we will talk about them a bit later. Websites partnership means links building under specific section in webpage menu. This option is user-friendly and rather practical for promotion. Your website partners post their logos, direct links and some information on your web page, as you do the same on your partners’ pages.  As websites partners, you can take not only main pages and information portals, but also landing pages, blogs, also social and professional network pages.

Web partnership will bring a positive effect to your web, but do not expect a big response using this tool only. To have real result, you need hundreds of partners. This promotion tool is just a background of your marketing strategy. The web partnership is only a little drop in the ocean.

Websites catalogs and directories

Websites catalogs  and directories look really attractive. These resources are well visible in search systems and have good indexation. On the web, you can find many services that offer high exposition in hundreds of catalogues, they promise you a result in short time, for a low price. But, be careful, search agents could and probably will identify your website, as a spam. This seems like an attractive offer can put your website on the   search engines ban list. But, if you use right strategy and right links’ combination, web catalogs may become beneficial.

Redirect link

Many people believe that all tactics are good to become competitive in web industry. Some web masters are trying to outsmart search engines by making various redirect links. They collect most popular keywords and link those keywords to the fake (redirecting) web pages. Clicking on such link, user opens a webpage with error massage, suggesting following the other link that leads to promoting web page. This kind of backlinking technic is ethically incorrect, unprofessional and it can put your website on the search engine’s ban list.

Forums and classified advertisements’ websites

This backlink building tool is very popular among webmasters, because it really works. You can post advertising message with your link not only in forums and on classified advertisements websites posts, but also in comments. In our opinion the comments actually are the most effective backlinking tool. If you leave a good comment with good review along with your following link as advisory, forum administrator will accept your comment and search systems, will improve ranking and indexation of your website. In any type of promotion strategy, these comments will make only positive reflection on site ratings and visibility.

 Social and professional networks

The company or project posted on social and professional networks create good and trustworthy image. Besides, all networks have excellent indexation for search systems that’s why it will make a positive effect on your website promotion. Also, links sharing on the SN walls will have great influence. In the flow of time, the efficiency of this tool will improve on condition that your network page would collect more than a thousand followers. These followers must be active and legitimate, to make it happen, you should add posts every single day in order to attract new users.

PR articles

This is classics of backlinks building.

A PR article should have a link to your website. It could be visible link, an anchored link, or both. If you prefer to use anchor as word or phrase, this phrase or word must be one of your site’s   keywords and it should be linked to your web page.  This is a perfect Internet marketing tool capable to provide you with an excellent visibility on the web. If you write your article with strong advertising features, it will attract great amount of visitors and potential customers to your web page.

But, choosing web resource for advertisement, you need to be very attentive. Don’t forget, wrong-doing might lead your domain to search engine’s ban list. So, we recommend leaving backlinks with PR articles posted only on trusted web pages. Select only well-developed websites with good visibility for your promotion.

How to find trusted websites among other Internet resources?

image3On the Internet, you can find many different web pages. But you should do your posting only on trusted and easy accessible resources. So, how to find a perfect place for advertisement?

This is very easy. A trusted web page has regular and quality updates. All menus and associated links are functioning correctly. For the best effect use popular websites that have more than 1500 visitors per day. Select websites that correspond to the type of your business, your website topics and your posts on information portals.

You can get a very good response after publication on Wikipedia. It could be important not only for image, but also for website indexation.

How to combine various backlinks in one effective marketing strategy?

Many web masters with new websites are possessed with only one thought: “How to make image4backlinks for my website?” To provide effective promotion for acceptable budget, first, you need to create right marketing strategy. Do not rush into the action; every step you take could be significant value for website development.

First, what you need to do is to create a website content. If you promote empty web page, you will have no chance to attract visitors.  Zero content equals zero visitors! Your website opening page should be catchy for the users’ eye. If it is not, they will leave your web page shortly and it is highly unlikely that they will come back again. If a visitor stays on your website less than 3 minutes, your page will automatically drop out of the search systems indexation for a very long time, search system analytic will lower web page ratings and that will be hard to correct. The correction process is not a short term procedure.

If your website has good features and is attractive to the users, it is ready for promotion. Your marketing strategy should be very easy and consistent. Don’t do many steps on the first week. The rule says – your web marketing strategy should be very logical and unconstrained. At the first week, add your web page to some websites’ catalogues. It will make your web page visible for the search agents. But, don’t take many catalogues. Your web advertisement should have steady and not very fast growth rate. Only such action brings good and firm positions on the Internet space. Don’t forget to create corporative profiles on social and professional networks.

From the second week, start to make backlinking on the forums and advertising boards. But, don’t do too many publications, 15 or so is quite enough for this step.

On the third week, begin link building on the networks and try to attract more users to your corporative profiles. Now, you should be more consistent, but easy-going.

The fourth week is a great time for PR articles. Make 3 to 5 advertising articles with backlinks.

If you do everything right and your posts attract visitors, the first month of promotion will attract up to 50 unique users to your web page per day. This is already a good result and the good sign for the search systems.

Don’t forget to answer all users’ comments. It will attract and inform other users that their opinion is important. Such actions also will contribute for better indexation in the search systems. Don’t forget to include mandatory keywords and key phrases in every page on your Internet resource.

Your promotion strategy should be more intensive at the second month. How to do that right? Read about this in the article “backlinks pyramid”. https://www.linksmanagement.com/backlink-pyramid/

How to choose the right strategy for Internet promotion?

image5The number one question of all the web masters is: “How can I start creating backlinks for my website?” This is something that is really hard to do. The modern search engines can easily identify spammers’ fest and apply many sanctions on the page it goes from. These are two basic ways in creating backlinks for SEO:

  • Self-serving
  • Backlinks Building Service

Some web masters (usually beginners) want to have free backlinks and they prefer self-serving for that. But, this is not as easy as it seems to be, besides it’s time consuming and mostly very ineffective. Generally, very often, web masters end up with defective links building. Again this can lead to a ban list.

Backlinks building services provide us with the best efficiency and the lowest risk. These services thoroughly analyze and select only quality trusted resources for profitable backlink building. “Links Management” is one of the best backlinks building services that present legitimate promotion and progressive development without ban risk.  The specialists of “LinksManagement” guarantees progressive ranking growth and excellent indexation in search systems.  Creating backlinks to your website, “LinksManagement” promote it for the short time. This service presents individual marketing strategy to every customer. The professional team will lead high traffic to your website, it will provide you with big amount of visitors and commercial benefit to your company.

So, if you have a website, you need to maintain it and promote it constantly. If you do not want to risk with your ranking and your success, hand development of your web page to professional backlinks building services.

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