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9 Must-Know On-Page Optimization Factors for Perfect Page in 2018

On-page optimization factors
If your website has ever been in the Google Top 10, then you know that the hardest part is to maintain your rankings. If the boosting part is pretty straight forward: you purchase quality DA40-DA100 links following simple rules and your rankings increase. Then the steps of maintenance of high rankings are something that is often forgotten.

We decided to gather the most important factors, which should be considered while boosting and maintaining the Google Top 10:

The page should load quickly

The first response should be below 0.5 seconds and the primary content should be loaded for less than 4 seconds:

  • Decrease the number of requests required to fully load the page.
  • Try to avoid redirects when possible and don’t create a queue of redirects
  • Optimize the image size before uploading it on your website

Google loves unique and interesting content

  • Use unique videos, texts, and images
  • Do you think that your content is interesting enough? Then take a look at the number of shares and likes.
  • Make your content easily accessible. Provide intuitive navigation and content consumption. Link your inner pages.
  • Work on increasing the time spent on your website by your visitors.
  • Add relevant content like images or videos

Make keyword-targeted pages:


  • Optimize your page for single searcher intent and associated keywords phrases. Include the keyword in:
    1. the title of the pages
    2. page URL
    3. h1-h3 tags
    4. the content of the page
  • Apply description of the image in “alt” attribute. Sometimes people come to your site when they look for images, so the description of the image is as important as the on the page.

Keep track on bounce rate

It is very often when people try to optimize their homepage for multiple keywords. In result they get the content which gets a lot of bounces in Google Analytics, de facto showing Google that this page doesn’t have relevant content and can’t have high rankings for the specific keyword.

Make Your Site Crawler Accessible

Google crawler

  • Use static URLs
  • Make sure the page is the only URL on which the content appears, and if it’s not, all other URLs canonicalize back to the original (using redirects or the rel=canonical protocol)
  • Use 503 redirects for temporary redirects and 301 redirect for permanent redirects
  • Do not block access to crawlers in robots.txt

Make it social

Social media icons
Make it easy for people share your content:

  • Install social buttons on your pages
  • Some people like to share videos, some people like to share images, and some like reading. Remember about this while creating the content.
  • Don’t make long URLs, it is not convenient to share them and they look awkward
  • Ask yourself if people will share this content

Multi-device and multi-browser ready

  • Always make sure that your website works properly in different browsers
  • Don’t lose traffic and spoil your bounce rate just because your website doesn’t support some devices

Supervise the info from Google Webmaster Tool:

Google Webmaster Tool icon

  • make sure Google doesn’t index more pages than you actually have on your website. If it does, then most likely you need to setup your robots.txt correctly.
  • Go to Search Appearance -> HTML Improvements and perform the charges recommended by the tool
  • Go to Google Index -> Content Keywords, and make sure that you see the keywords, which you want to improve your website rankings for. If the top keywords are not the ones you want, then you need to make changes to your content or forbid indexation of certain pages which include unwanted keywords.
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