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Why Do You Need Online Plagiarism Essay Checkers?

Plagiarism is an embarrassing, costly process. Depending on the level and type of work that you’re doing, plagiarism can get you in trouble, cause you to lose scholarships, authority, and credibility or even jeopardize your college or SEO career before it even gets started. Using a free plagiarism checker helps you avoid that. Our plagiarism checker is especially built to help you avoid such errors, one of the best plagiarism checkers that you can find.

There’s no good reason not to use a plagiarism checker for every text that you write. Make it a part of your process.

What is Plagiarism Checker?

A free online plagiarism checker helps detect duplicate content. Furthermore, professors as well as search engines use plagiarism checker for ensuring that the text that you’re turning in is original. By using an anti plagiarism checker, you’re making sure that the professor and search engine sees the same green light that you do.

Our plagiarism checker compares your text against far more sources in a far shorter amount of time than you could do on your own. Anti plagiarism can be difficult. Let plagiarism software take care of the heavy lifting. You can then make the time consuming edits on your own or get someone else to help you with it.

Many people aren’t indending to commit plagiarism and are surprised when their text doesn’t pass the plagiarism check. We’re constantly bombarded by ideas from all sides. It’s no wonder that sometimes we lose track of where we got ideas, words, and phrases that seep into our wording and trigger the plagiarism detector. Using a free plagiarism checker for your papers is a great way to save yourself from an embarrassment! Plagiarism can create problems in your life that you don’t need.

Can’t I Just Manually Detect Plagiarism?

While technically, you could detect all instances of plagiarism manually without using a detection software, the process can be time consuming. People make mistakes. Intentional plagiarism doesn’t actually account for a lot of plagiarism that occurs in an academic or SEO settings. Unintentional plagiarism can also be the fault of the writer, because due diligence wasn’t done where plagiarism was concerned. Using an automatic plagiarism detector prevents these counts of plagiarism that were not detectable.

Plagiarism Checker

Avoiding Plagiarism: Getting Your Texts Checked

An online plagiarism checker for students and SEO writers can be used throughout the text generation. Waiting until the very end of your document to fix plagiarism can take far more time than checking out the text at a few different points and fixing it as you go. The best plagiarism detection is the detection that happens early, before the copy gets too far along. Simply pull up an online plagiarism checker and keep it as an open tab while you write the text. The best plagiarism detectors will work well with Microsoft docx and Google Docs, and won’t create further problems for you.

Never pay for plagiarism detection! There are so many different places to use a plagiarism detector for free on the internet. Use plagiarism detection to save yourself time and money, not to spend more of it. Save your money for morning coffee and late night burrito runs, and don’t waste it on plagiarism detectors.

Common Forms of Plagiarism

There is direct or verbatim plagiarism, which occurs when someone takes text and word for word passes it off as their own. This type of plagiarism is usually intentional and can land someone in big trouble in an academic or SEO setting. There’s another type of plagiarism where someone takes words as a paraphrase but it is passed off as a direct quotation, or vice versa. Basically, in order to avoid plagiarism, these things need to be done to a text:

  • Direct quotations must be put in quotation marks, every time. Not a single word can be changed. The direct quotation can also not be used to mislead the reader into thinking that the author meant something different than they meant.
  • Paraphrases must be significantly different than the text that is paraphrased. You can’t just change a couple words and pass the text off as your own. All paraphrases must give proper credit. A paraphrase cannot misrepresent the ideas and intentions of the original author.
  • When you paraphrase or use someone else’s idea, you need to give full credit to that person. This kind of paraphrase plagiarism is a common form of unintentional plagiarism because it can occur without meaning to. For example, if you take someone else’s ideas, metaphors, or images, or even style of writing, and don’t give proper credit to that person–that’s plagiarism.

While intentional plagiarism can obviously land you in more trouble than unintentional plagiarism, unintentional plagiarism can still land you in trouble because it shows that you were negligent in turning your copy in. While a different type of academic or SEO offense than intentional plagiarism, this can still land you in serious trouble. If you make using a plagiarism detector as a part of your process, it can help if there are questions.

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