PR1-PR8 Links with High Domain Authority Only

January 1, 2013
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High Domain Authority
Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.
Today our PR1-PR8 links are better than ever due to the recent LinksManagement release! 5 hours ago we have filtered out all backlink page offers from websites with low Domain Authority.
“Domain Authority is SEOmoz’s calculated metric for how well a given domain is likely to rank in’s search results. It is based off of the Linkscape web index and includes link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and dozens more. It uses a machine learning model to predicatively find an algorithm that best correlates with rankings across thousands of search results that we predict against.”
We have filtered out all pages with domain authority less than:
  • 10 for backlink pages with PR1-PR4
  • 30 for backlink pages with PR5
  • 40 for backlink pages with PR6-PR7
  • 60 for backlink pages with PR8
  • 70 for backlink pages with PR9 – PR10

What this means to you?

  1. The backlink pages offered by LinksManagement are approved by SEOmoz*
  2. The backlink pages have a true PageRank 100% guaranteed. No pages with fake PR.
  3. The backlink pages we offer are more likely to be shown on the 1st page of Google and drive more traffic to your website.
  4. Your link building campaign will look even more natural now.
  5. Now you can reach Google Top 10 faster and easier with the help of LinksManagement.
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