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Save $4,860 / Month on Traffic with SEO

Save $4,860 / month on Traffic
Investments in advertising is a vital decision for every business. Strange but true: many businesses do not know how much money they lose each month on advertising.

The most popular ways to increase website traffic are Google AdWords and SEO. Let’s make a simple comparison between Google AdWords and link building campaign which main goal is to increase natural rankings on Google and bring your keywords on the 1st place of Google. 

Estimating Clicks and Visitors

For example, you want to get targeted visitors from Google for keyword “travel agency New York”. By taking a look at Google Keyword Tool, we can see that the number of local monthly searches for “travel agency New York” equals 12,100. Not all of these people will actually visits your website. On our estimation, if you buy Google Ads, you will get about 3000 clicks per month. Those who tried both SEO and Google Ads know that in most cases natural rankings on Google bring 15-30% more traffic than Google Ads, so if you’re #1 in natural Google search results, you’ll get around 3500 clicks per month (that’s only 16% more).

Now let’s compare: Google AdWords vs. SEO


An average CPC for “travel agency New York” is $2. So 3000 clicks will cost you about $6000 per month. This may be a good cost for targeted visitors, moreover, you can start getting them as soon as you start your adwords campaign. For 2 years you’ll spend $6,000 * 24 months = $144,000 for AdWords and get 3,000 * 24 = 72,000 visitors. $2 per visitor.

Natural Google Rankings Thanks to Link Building

To bring your website to the 1st place of Google for “travel agency New York”, you will need to get backlinks from hotel and travel related websites. Such a link building campaign may cost you around $1,000 per month. Link building campaign is a long-term process and top rankings are usually achieved within 4 to 6 months. Sometimes this can happen much sooner, but let’s count on 6 months, and so on $6,000 which you’ll need to invest in your link building campaign to get in #1 spot on Google. Once you’re there, you’ll start to get around 3500 clicks per month since people are more likely to visit natural search results, than paid ones. Since for the first 6 months you wasn’t getting any traffic from Google, it means that for the first 2 years you’ll get 3500 of monthly visitors * 18 months (24 – 6) = 63,000 visitors for only $24,000 ($1,000 monthly budget). That’s only $0.38 per visitor in comparison to $2 per visitor from Google AdWords!

Let’s calculate how much this will allow you to save? Let’s take 72,000 of visits that you got from AdWords for $144,000. You would pay for them using SEO only: 72,000 * $0.38 per visit = $27,360. So $144,000 – $27,360 = $116,640.00 of savings within the first two years! $116,640 / 24 = $4,860 per month.
AdWords becomes too expensive in comparison to SEO

  • In addition to that, did you know that direct visits from natural search results convert 30% better? It is explained by the fact that many people have more trust in natural search results, rather than in paid ads.
  • Moreover, by improving rankings for one keyword, you will get higher rankings for many other relevant keywords on Google as well. For instance, when you buy backlinks for “travel agency New York”, you’ll also get better rankings for such keywords as “New York travel agency”, “travel agencies in New York”, “New York travel”, etc. And some of them may also appear in Google Top 10 and eventually bring you even more traffic.


As you can see, in the long run Google AdWords becomes too expensive in comparison to SEO: $2 per click in comparison to just $0.38 per click within the first 2 years. Further this difference will become even bigger since you’ll get more Google Trust Rank, higher Google PageRank, and it will become even easier to get high rankings for more and more of your keywords. Plus you’ll get 30% better conversions from natural search results. Plus you can get in Top 10 for many keywords at once!

However, to be successful in SEO, you need to have patience and to be able to invest in your high rankings during around 6 months without getting any return on investment. So this is not for everyone. However, if you can allow that, than SEO is certainly a much better way for getting high quality leads from Google to grow your business. And much more affordable one. But only in the long run.

So SEO is 5 times more cost-effective than Adwords and really worth taking at least 30 minutes of your time to start your link building campaign right now!

P.S. Less competitive keywords require less money to start. You can start your link building campaign right now for only $199 per month! But always remember: you need to be patient enough to get the results you really need and want.

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