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SEO Analytics: What You Need To Know

Have you decided to promote your site in search engines? Fine! But do not rush to waste your advertising budget: first, check your resource for errors and problems. In this article, we will tell you what an SEO site analysis is; why and how it should be carried out, what services and programs can be used for this. 

What is a SEO Site Audit?

What is SEO: this is a set of measures to increase the importance of a site in search engines and, as a result, attract search traffic. Web site analysis or website audit is an assessment of the quality of a site according to certain criteria: analyze the site, check its compliance with the requirements of search engines, which determine the quality of the site. All this will allow you to understand what exactly should be done to improve page ranking and attract more users to your site from search.

Why Do You Need an SEO Audit?

 Online audit reveals pages. SEO analysis makes it possible to assess how your site is “liked” by search engines, and which of the errors need to be corrected. Thanks to this analysis, you can not only assess the prospects of your project but also highlight priority edits. The place where your site will appear in the search results for a particular query depends on how the search engine evaluates your page. If the quality of the page is low, it can be removed from the search and not participate in the search results. The audit identifies pages that require revision and based on it, you can compile a list of necessary edits for the site.

If the search engine found the page to be of insufficient quality, it is no longer taken into account when ranking sites at the moment the user is shown the results for his request.

Auditing can be of great benefit where conventionally “bad” pages make it difficult to rank good ones. For example, an online store can increase targeted traffic if it fixes product pages that the search engine perceives as a duplicate due to incorrect design or poor quality. Auditing helps to catch such pages, and small edits to them will bring traffic.

It turns out that the main goal of the audit is to identify the most affordable ways to increase traffic to the site in general and to certain pages in particular. After the audit, it is worthwhile to conduct an analysis, draw up a work plan and bring to the fore those that will bring the greatest effect at the least cost of their implementation.

The low position of the site in the search can be not only the result of a specific error but also a combination of factors. Therefore, do not exclude from the list minor improvements that may seem insignificant. When all the most important work has already been done, making individual adjustments can make the site more relevant to the search engine by the sum of the site’s performance scores when compared to competitors.

Therefore, before starting working on the site optimization, it is necessary to conduct an audit and correct the identified errors in order to clear the background and understand what happens to the site as a result of specific promotion work.

How to Analyze a Website for Free?

Before conducting an SEO audit, you need to carefully study the site, its specifics and dive into the topic. There is no universal checklist or template that fits any project. However, there are general approaches to how to do a site analysis.

For the initial analysis of the site, these tools will be enough:

Crawler for evaluating your site (program for crawling site pages. Examples – Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Netpeak Spider)

RDS bar (browser plugin for analyzing website SEO indicators). Useful both for evaluating your site and competitors.

Webmaster toolbars from Google.

Three parameters are of interest in the RDS bar: the number of indexed pages in Google, Linkpad data on the number of referring donors.

What else to analyze?

Check your link profile

One of the indicators of site quality for search engines is the number of links to your site from other resources.

Linkpad can be used to superficially evaluate a site’s link profile. How does it work? There are robots that surf the Internet and collect data on links to databases – these are Ahrefs, Serpstat, Majestic, Megaindex, Linkpad. None of these services have complete information, since robots cannot bypass the entire Internet in general (and search robots as well). This is also associated with a time delay – the link provided may not be indexed immediately. Therefore, when analyzing the graph of links, one must bear in mind that for the growth that can be seen on the graph, in fact, the links were posted 1-2 months ago.

Analyze snippets

The snippet title is usually taken from the Title tag. The text part is taken from the text, or from the Description meta tag. Snippets can be supplemented with links, address, phone number, opening hours, picture, price, block of questions, and answers. This data is usually pulled from the microdata on the site.

Title and Description tags need to be worked out and written for all pages of the site, including those that are not promoted. The high-quality design of other pages is one of the factors in evaluating a resource by search and shows that you care about every page of your site. 

Check the heading H1

H1 headings are words or phrases that summarize the meaning of the text. We do not have to read the entire text of the article to understand what it will be about. We take a look at the headings and subheadings and decide if this material is interesting to us, whether it is worth reading it.

Find 404 errors

404 errors on the site are normal. Pages from 404 do not last long: they remain in this status for about 2 weeks, and then they are removed from the index. But if there are links to these pages, the robot will follow them, so you need to remove links to 404 from your site. This will show the search that the user following the links on your site always gets to work pages with relevant content. If there are external links to the page that began to give a 404 response, set up a redirect to the working page of the site.

Optimize images

Another common mistake is using images without the Alt attribute.

Alt is a textual description of the illustration, by which bots recognize and index the image. This increases the relevance of the page and the position in the search results for the photo.


The search determines the region for the site based on the subdomain prefix or city name in the domain or based on the contact information on the site. Assign codes to those regions in which your main sales take place.

What else?

  1. Duplicates. There are explicit (by meta tags) and implicit (different meta, but the content is the same).
  2. Synonyms with www and without www, as well as http and https. It turns out 4 versions of your site, you need to set up redirects by choosing one version. It’s the same with aliases (additional domains).
  3. Affiliates (including landing pages). For a number of requests, the main site can be thrown out of the search results due to the presence of an affiliate, so they must be blocked from search through robots.
  4. Also, Google Console includes other tools that will allow you to analyze the site and find an opportunity to improve its performance.
  5. Checking for Google filters
  6. Penguin. How it is diagnosed: the presence of remarks in the webmaster’s panel in the “Sanctions imposed manually” section.
  7. Panda. How it is diagnosed: a sharp drop in traffic and rankings for most queries with low-quality content.

So, Do You Really Need to Make a Good Analysis?

The answer to this question is simple. Yes. As a result, you will get an excellent site that will be perfectly perceived by search robots and carry a value for the user. You cannot create a site only for robots or only for users. These two factors are inseparable.

A site audit can be taken as a step-by-step algorithm of actions that will allow you to understand where to start and how to build a promotion strategy, taking into account:

  • behavioral factors;
  • increased traffic
  • increase in conversion;
  • raising the site by positions in the search results.

A high-quality audit of any site will provide a high step in the TOP, as well as attract buyers or customers

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