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SEO Tools List Offering 10 Best Ways to Boost Your Site’s Performance

SEO tools list
Every time when it comes to making your business work faster and more efficiently, several options appear. Perhaps, the most trusted method is to apply corresponding tools that allow enhancing your company from any location in the world. When we’re talking about perfect software to help in your work, we usually mean effective SEO software.

Even the most experienced SEO experts can get lost in the pool of newly released SEO software tools. Some are trying to get SEO software free, but efficient instruments are worth paying. Choosing proper keywords is only half the battle. It might be difficult to cope with SEO tasks without SEO software due to the following reasons:

  • necessity to create unique and attractive description/title
  • need to fix category/product pages
  • need to provide internal linking
  • work with URL parameters
  • handle communication gap

Being a professional digital marketing team for ages, LinksManagement has defined “must-have” SEO tools list for every business owner who wants to expand his online business. These tools have increased website’s traffic by 2, 3, and sometimes 5 times! From keyword research instruments to other ‘weapon’, you will learn how to generate organic traffic, gain new customers, and defeat competitors.

Wish to find out the most efficient ways to check website SEO? Need an excellent SEO tools list for everyday usage that does not require too much time and money? Here is the list of 10 best tackles tested by the market experts. We are not talking about less effective SEO software free – only demo versions are free of charge.

Pro Rank Tracker

Fee: $0-189 (depending on the package)

Site: proranktracker.com

Pro Rank Tracker
Probably, one of the best ways to beat your rivals and maximize revenues is to analyze SEO ranking. Pro Rank Tracker is a top preferred ranking tracking tool for informing you on the up-to-date website and video trends. The tool is recognized for such features as:

  • accurate algorithm
  • daily reports
  • web-based tracking
  • 100% safety
  • package of languages
  • YouTube & Google videos tracking
  • mobile rank tracking

Its obvious advantages are affordability, ease of use, high quality, and responsive customer support. Track your online performance much easier now.



Fee: $99 – best buy; $449 – XXL package with 7500 keywords included

Site: rankwatch.com


If you’re looking for a user-friendly interface to control all your marketing data in one place, there is a nice option in the shape of RankWatch SEO tool.

Apply both local and mobile site tracking to obtain a competitive advantage. The following features are offered:

  • excellent SEO management
  • white-label interface
  • CEO dashboard
  • in-depth site/backlinks analysis
  • determine/optimize keywords
  • e-mail alerts
  • city-based rank tracking
  • integration with Google Analytics
  • sales prospecting

Overcome competitors and stimulate profitability drivers with RankWatch.

RankWatch 2


Fee: $69 (essentials only); $149 – for pro.

Site: searchmetrics.com


This enterprise SEO and content marketing platform has already helped millions of online businesses around the world. SearchMetrics platform was designed to assist a user in getting to the point of SEO and adjusting the web page to various parameters admired by the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The SEO tools from this company make it possible to discover the intentions of your rivals as well as interpret the received data for your benefit. With SearchMetrics, you will boost your marketing success through such options as:

  • testing and optimizing domains
  • searching for relevant keywords
  • analyzing social media signals
  • optimizing links
  • reporting smartly
  • app ranking
  • discovering research cloud & content performance

SearchMetrics 1

SEO Rank Monitor

Fee: $19-199 (depending on the selected plan)

Site: seorankmonitor.com

SEO Rank Monitor

Generating reports for your own e-commerce or client’s business has never been easier – SEO Rank Monitor software keeps on tracking your competitors and improving your SEO performance for ages. There is no doubt you’ll get 100% accurate ranking results without conducting tiring annual checking on search engines. You can compare your website’s activity at three search engines at a time! The SEO tool involves:

  • local rankings
  • mobile tracking
  • automated white-label reports
  • advanced filtering
  • comparing data sets
  • sharing reports
  • user-friendly interface which reminds of a convenient mobile app

Spy on your rivals without being noticed!
SEO Rank Monitor 1


Fee: $0-239.2 (the price includes discount)

Site: serpstat.com


If you are looking for the SEO tool to boost your content marketing, there is a solution. It is easy to learn how to work with SerpStat. How to compare your own productivity in Google with the competitor? How to receive automatic reports regarding the changing site’s positions?

This SEO software includes:

  • cluster analysis
  • tree view (is about taking your page to the Google’s top)
  • expanded filters
  • search suggestions
  • in-depth URL analysis
  • missing keywords

SERP Stat 1
SERP Stat 2

Top Visor

Fee: $0-600 (depending on the size)

Site: topvisor.com

Top Visor

Top Visor is a cutting edge technology for those who are interested in PPC tools and all-in-one SEO packages. This SERP checker tracks, evaluates, and displays productivity of your launched SEO campaigns. This is a fast and stable app which guarantees:

  • quality rank tracker
  • proper keyword research
  • site auditor
  • mobile app

If you have a large project, you will find special “table regime” for easier work.

Top Visor 1


Fee: $4.95 per month

Site: iwebtool.com


Are you looking for such features as:

  • backlink checker
  • link extractor
  • HTML Encrypter
  • ping test
  • website speed test?

Well, IWebTool offers amazing tools, which provide easy links as well as nice design to the web tools. A nice combination of colors along with the opportunity to automatically fill domain name with the current page are just few more features mentioned by the loyal clients.

IWebTool 1

Authority Labs

Fee: $0-600 (depending on the size)

Site: authoritylabs.com

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is a powerful web-based tool which is simple to apply. In order to obtain the most accurate rank checking reports and generate your profits, only in-depth evaluation of such factors as analytics, links and competitive analysis are required.

To specify, you will be able to:

  • track different SERPs
  • export PDF reports
  • compare reports against other market players
  • export single domain or complete history in CSV format
  • share a public URL
  • work with named groups

Authority Labs 1


Fee: $69.95-549.95 (depending on the tariff)

Site: semrush.com


Most probably, many SEO junior and senior specialists have worked with SEMrush to test the website’s overall health. It is hard to imagine link-building campaigns without finding out how many keywords a website is ranking for in search engine. This software occupies an important place in our SEO tools list. It allows:

  • checking organic traffic
  • conducting advertising research
  • conducting backlink analysis
  • creating video ad campaign
  • enforcing keyword research

Use SEMrush to define whether the site experienced a significant drop. In other words, avoid trouble sites.

SEMrush 1


Fee: Free 7 Day Trial, $19.99-149 (depending on the package)

Site: linkio.com

Linkio platform

Using the right anchor text for your internal linking and backlinks campaign is probably one of the most important stuff that you’ll need to do on your website while doing SEO. Read this great article to learn some interesting and very useful stuff to optimize your anchor text’s and make sure you get the best out of it.


Fee: from $9.95 per month

Site: serpbook.com


In case you are searching for the fast, user-friendly, and cost-effective instrument to track keyword rankings, SERPBook is the last but not least favorite option on our SEO tools list. The main features include:

  • excellent notification system
  • daily updates
  • reporting dashboard
  • keywords by categories (regional, local, YouTube, etc.)
  • keyword suggestions
  • mobile tracking
  • table settings
  • Google Analytics integration
  • add-on users

With its speedy interface and personalized approach, you’ll definitely find this tool enjoyable. It is good for the owner of several websites.

SERPBook 1

So far, all of the items mentioned on the SEO tools list above make the life of both SEO expert and business owner easier in several ways. They:

  • provide daily reports on your online business efficiency
  • keep your website safe
  • recommend keywords to attract clients
  • spy on your competitors
  • help you to reach the top in Google, Yahoo, or other search engines
  • assist in maximizing profits

Users all over the world appreciate this SEO software effectiveness and security. By the way, which SEO audit software do you personally prefer? Feel free to leave your feedback below in the comments. Join other SEO experts in their discussion! And find out here the list of 10 FREE Effective Website SEO Checkers.

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