What is The Google Dance in SEO?

November 11, 2012
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Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.
On April 1, 2018, the PR of various websites on the Internet, including LinksManagement inventory started to jump. At this moment around 30% of webpages have not stable PR which changes on a daily basis, so we can say with confidence that Google Dance has started.

What does Google Dance mean for you?

In search engine optimization, Google Dance is the period of time when Google implements its updates or changes in algorithms, and as a result of these changes, PR and Google rankings of websites change too often during short period of time. Look at the tarffic drops & gains after the recent Google Algorithm Update in June 2019.
First of all, you should know what the Google Dance is. Google dance is a result of changes in Google algorithms that influence on rankings and/or PageRank of the pages and can change them during short period of time multiple times. This results in a situation when a website owner can’t truly evaluate current situation with rankings, his link building campaign, and the PR of his backlink pages because PR and rankings can change several times per day. In order to save our clients from the wrong decisions regarding their link building campaign, LinksManagement created an intelligent analyzer that will constantly check drops and rises of PR and will renew the PR in ‘List of Built Links’ interface only after the Google Dance is over. Till that moment we will not show current PR of backlinks in ‘List of Built Links’ interface as it jumps from day to day. At this moment ‘List of Built Links’ interface shows that PR which backlinks had before the start of Google Dance.
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