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The Latest Secrets of the SEO Keyword Research Data

Secrets of the SEO keyword research data
In fact, SEO always starts with great keyword research, though, unfortunately, getting high-quality which is powered by actionable keyword data can sometimes fizzle out for the next several reasons:

    • Google’s keyword tool is a precarious source. It doesn’t always provide complete, accurate data.
    • Google analytics is an unreliable source, no longer showing all of the data for organic search referrals. Google Analytics data, by definition, reports about what already is ranking on, not what is missing out on as well!
    • Keyword suggestion data is questionable from a conversion perspective – it can tell you how popular a keyword is relative to other terms, but it can’t tell you how it will perform on your specific site.

For these and many other reasons, mining your existing Google AdWords campaign data can be incredibly helpful in determining keyword targets for SEO.
This article will teach the secrets of SEO keyword research data from your own company’s AdWords!

Keywords & Search Queries

The term “keyword” is usually a “target” of the business. However, in an AdWords campaign, every “keyword” includes a package search queries that trigger ads, including synonyms, terms, misspellings, word variations, plurals, etc. of the main keyword.
The keyword metrics you see in AdWords, like: clicks, impressions, cost, conversions, etc. are a blend of the performance metrics for the entire set of search queries associated with your keyword.

  1. Set the date range to as large a date range as possible, to download as much search query treasure as possible.
  2. With “All Campaigns” selected, navigate to the keywords tab.
  3. Find the “Keyword Details” button, and then click the “View All Search Terms” option:
View all search terms

When there are just too many rows of data here, it’s important that you sort or filter out some of this data so that you can be confident that your campaign doesn’t fall from the crushing weight of all this keyword research data.

Filtering Ideas

It is recommended filtering out search queries with very low impression volume and/or spend, for example, search queries with fewer than say, 2 impressions, or with less than a few dollars in spend. Both of these tactics will help sort out the 1-off keyword searches which typically make more than half of the rows in your search query report data.

Filtering ideas

Once you have got your search query data down to a more manageable level, download it to Excel.

Search Query Analysis

In case, there is conversion tracking on, the instant way of finding the double-ons in the search query data is to filter out non-converting search queries. This means that all remaining search query data has all proven itself to be both valuable and relevant to your business.
In SEO keyword research, there are tons of metrics that SEOs use like KEI, or Global Google Monthly Search Volume Estimate, or keyword competition, or keyword difficulty, to help in picking what keywords to target in their content creation efforts.

Grouping and Organizing your Keyword List into Themes

Once you have rank-ordered the different terms seem to look promising that based on made analysis, also, it is possible to re-organize that data to make sense of it, especially because you’ll probably still have a ton of keyword data to mess with. For example: “best Internet marketing software”, “top Internet marketing software”, “internet marketing SEO software”, etc.

These search query variations are similar ways for searching on internet marketing software – it would be nice to try to roll these and other similar search queries into top-level keyword themes, instead of having to process hundreds of similar search queries.

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