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The Worst News Ever, or How Does Google Check Your Links?

The worst news ever

Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.

Am rather worried. My project has taken a massive drop in rankings this morning. All engines – all keywords. Drops between 10 and 90 positions. Traffic yesterday down by more than half.

We are on a $199 per month subscription with you. It was working well. I uploaded an extra $199 for me to buy further links of my choice. You spent it all. This means, I suppose, that your system will not allow me to buy links myself? However, I had noticed a continued and good increase in rankings so the money was not wasted – until today.

What can cause this sudden overnight disaster?… We no longer exist.

Here you see an extract from the email I received one week ago. Well, the reaction of my client was absolutely natural. If I were my client, I would have been frustrated. But in my turn, I faced that issue frequently enough to remain calm and sure that everything would be all right. It is just enough to know what is going on to stop worrying. So, let’s start from the very beginning.
When and why does it usually happen?

As you know, Google loves natural linkage. That’s why when your site gets a dozen of high quality links from authoritative sites, Google start to suspect you in violating its rules. Sudden massive linkage warms Google about the PR speculation what was quite a frequent phenomenon in times when your site PageRank was really important for your rankings on Google. The reaction is your site drop. So, to sum it up: this drop happens when you get a set of high quality and high PR backlinks pointing to the pages of your site. The reason of this drop is that Google doesn’t believe you could become that interesting for so many auttoritative sites within so short period of time.

How does it look in terms of my Google rankings?

It’s a very interesting question, as 2 or 3 months ago I could claim this so-called “Google trust test” would bring a slight drop of your site rankings for your main keywords. What was “slight drop” here? Well, it meant 2 or 3 pages down on your the SERPs. But as you can see from the quotation above, it’s not the rule. The drop may be really hard.
So, what’s next?  Keep calm and carry onFirst of all, stop panic and don’t even think about getting rid of your links. It would be the worst idea ever! It’s exactly what Google expects from you. If the total amount of your backlinks falls as abruptly, as it has previously increased, your positions will never get back.

The only right decision here is to wait for 10-20 days. Yes, to wait! The point is that the only way for Google to detect paid links is to track their short lifetime. Once you confirm Google’s suspicion, you’ll lose Google trust. That’s why keeping the links on is the best strategy in this case. After the mentioned period you’ll regain your rankings, and then they’ll start to increase.

How to avoid such a drop?

It’s hard to give any ready answer here. I’d suggest not to buy more than 10 links during one day. Then you should make a pause for a week or two, and then to buy some more PR4-PR7 links. And to repeat it till the moment when your site position on Google for your keyword satisfies you.
If you’re our links package subscriber, please be informed that the link purchase for you is effectuated sticking to the same algorithm.
So, if you don’t fall into panic, the links you’ve purchased through LinksManagement will work for you, and you rankings will go up.

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