After a detailed analysis of our clients’ achievements, based on 6 years of experience, we found that our VIP clients are reaching Top 10 on Google 75% more often than other customers. It is obvious that a solid amount of high quality links and a detailed link building strategy, provided by a personal SEO expert are the main reasons for such achievements. Therefore, we would like to take these positive results even further and offer you some additional services totally FREE of charge!
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VIP customer program includes a set of complimentary services delivered by your personal SEO Expert within the shortest time:

Respond on your queries within 24 hours

  • Quick email support – personal SEO manager will be handling you case step by step during the whole campaign
  • Telephone support – you can contact your SEO manager via direct line
  • Skype support – quick online chat with your SEO manager

SEO Audit

  • On-page optimization (Analysis and Recommendations)
  • Search performance analysis (for your targeted keywords)
  • Recommendations on keywords selection
  • Detailed link building strategy (based on your competitors analysis)
Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO Management

  • Personal SEO Manager
  • Custom links selection
  • Unique anchor and surrounding text development for each link
  • Performance report

Financial Benefits

  • VIP Bonus Program
  • Advanced payment options
  • Loyalty Program
  • Exclusive offers and promotions

Additional Unique Features

  • Quick technical solutions
  • Prompt development of additional features that you may require
  • Performance of unusual tasks at your request (for example: anchor text change for active link/s)
To participate in VIP Program, your monthly budget for links purchases should start from $1,000. Make an upload of $1,000+ to get all of the above listed Exclusive Bonuses and impeccable SEO Services for your highest achievements in SERPs.


Start investing in your link building campaign now to receive thousands of new targeted visitors from the most trusted organic source – Top 10 positions on Google. VIP customers bring 40-150+ keywords to the Google Top 10, therefore they achieve 15,000-60,000 visitors/month from the search engines.
Regular client acquires 10-20 links per months (monthly budget: $200-$400). SE Organic Traffic:
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VIP client acquires 50+ links per months (monthly budget: $1,000+) and follows customized SEO guidance.
SE Organic Traffic:
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Don’t lose your time leaving your target audience for your main competitors. Start investing in new high quality links to increase your website traffic with impeccable SEO services totally free of charge (there is no additional payment for any of the above listed services; all your funds are going to be spent only for backlinks).