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Which Links to Purchase after the Penguin Update?

Which links to purchase
Since April 24, 2012 the link building community has been constatly talking here and there about the quality links and their crucial importance after the Penguin update. “Quality wins over Quantity” was the basic idea of every link building review / article / marketing pitch and so on. And this time, in spite of competition and different commercial aims, most companies operating in the link building field seem to come to the common opinion in the question of what the quality link is now, after the Penguin update.

Let’s summarize the criteria of efficient link building campaign based on the first success and recovery stories given by our clients.

1. You need the links with different DA and PA and from different sites (relevant and irrelevant to your site topic). The diversification of the backlink profile is one of Google musts implemented after the Penguin update. That’s why you have to get low DA and PA links as well as high DA and PA links.

2. Natural spreading of dofollow and nofollow links. The indexation of nofollow links was recently proved. One more “pro” of nofollow links is the fact that they help your link acquisition to look NATURAL to Google. And this is crucial moment which can really trigger the revolution the link building field.

3. Backlinks should point to different keywords. If all of your backlinks point to the only keyword, if the same anchor text is constantly used everywhere, you keyword is over-optimized and Google detects it. You have to save the ratio of backlinks pointing to your main keyword to the ones which point to other keywords. And again, it’s all about looking natural.

4. Use the deep linking. It was said many times, but this technique is still ignored by most of link builders. Almost all of them were hit by Google, by the way. It’s a nice fact to think over. Remember, the deeper is your backlink page, the more natural your backlink is.

5. The link popularity campaign shouldn’t be run in one day. You have to feel the pace of natural link acquisition. One-day bounce is far from being what you need taking into account the result you want to achieve. Many people suffered from Penguin Update not because of bad links. Their links were great, but they all were built in one day or in one week. These people didn’t understand that the link building campaign implies some kind of duration. It has to be long.

To sum it all, let us share our opinion with you concerning last trend in link building. Links are still important, but to hold your ground on Google SERPs and to get even higher, you have to play by the new rules of Google. And you looking natural when running the link building campaign is the main rule in this Google game. I wish you good luck!

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