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Why Do My Site Rankings Drop?

Why do my site rankings drop

Every month LinksManagement conducts SEO research, 
After getting high rankings on Google, your website may drop to where it was before or even lowerSEO Research and since 2005 we observe the following situation: when a website gets high rankings on Google, in most cases in some time (usually in 2-3 weeks) it drops to where it was before or even lower.

Those sites that keep getting new links get back to top positions on Google with time. Those who stop building new backlinks, may not get back. We observe this situation for all websites, including sites of our clients and not, sites that get backlinks using different kind of ways and sites that don’t buy any links at all, but get them in a natural way. Many known SEO experts often say they notice the same thing too.

To help yourself get high rankings sooner, we suggest you perform all of the following:

  • regularly create new, unique, quality content that is interesting to your visitors and has low bounce rate in Google Analytics
  • constantly invest in advertising (not only in link building)
  • constantly get traffic from different sources
  • constantly acquire new links or receive them in a natural way

We believe that it looks unnatural to Google when a website with very low traffic or no traffic at all starts to get many backlinks. How is it possible that people start to link to a website if they don’t even visit it? It’s not possible. That’s why we believe that it looks suspicious to Google that a website with low traffic gets quite many backlinks. That’s why Google may disregard those links.

Why rankings dropSo for you to achieve high rankings on Google in a safer way and have higher Google Trust Rank, we recommend you buy some kind of advertising in addition to your link building campaign so that your website traffic grows along with the number of backlinks, pointing to your website. Keep acquiring new links, update content on your website and your rankings will go back with time.

There are several reasons why websites experience ranking drops:

  1. Google temporary moves new websites to the top positions to see how they perform and analyze users’ behavoir (to see whether they like your website or not). This is how your new site may get in the Top for 2-3 weeks and then lose its rankings (go to where it was before).
  2. Google messes up rankings for some percentage of websites each time they release new update (each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times).
  3. Some websites remove backlinks, pointing to your website with time and you lose rankings due to the decrease of the total DA weight.
  4. In case if the website got low quality links sometime ago, Google can improve your site rankings for some time, but then disregard those low quality links later. In this case your rankings may also drop.
  5. Google rolled out yet another broad core algorithm update. Check out what has happened after the June 2019 Core Update.

All of these cases require gradual link building on a constant basis in order for you to successfully get in the Top of Google and other search engines and stay there. When Google sees that your website receives quality backlinks during a long period of time, it starts to trust those links and constantly improve your rankings.

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