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What is an Article Spinner?

If you’re trying to fly a blog or website into the upper stratospheres of financial success, you’ll know that producing content is not an easy task. While content is the rocket fuel that will make you the big bucks, you’ll spend hours of your own time slamming away at a keyboard to produce the content required to drive a top earning site. If you could write perfectly edited content at 60 words per minute, you’d be able to crank out a 3,000 word longform article in under an hour. But doing this every day might be exhausting, and a little unrealistic. Paying someone to do it can quickly eat into profit margins, especially in fledgling blogs that aren’t making huge incomes. To produce massive amounts of content for less time and money that you could do it yourself or pay someone to do it, you might look into bolstering your words per minute with a rewrite tool known as an article spinner. An article spinner will alter text copied from another website, changing words or structures, depending on how sophisticated the tool is. You should easily be able to google and locate a free article spinner which can act as a sentence rewriter, or even a full article rewriter.

How Does an Article Spinner Work?

Depending on the sophistication of the system, an article spinner functions by “spinning” the content. The spin rewriter swaps words with synonyms in order to completely change the content but not the meaning, allowing for cheap and quick content generation from a more sophisticated source. The meaning and message of article rewriters stay the same. You can take an article about a new car, and put it through an article spinner, and on the other side it still should be an article about the same car. You can use a sentence rewriter to take particular sentences or paragraphs that you love, or simply use a rewriting tool, so-called content spinner, to completely change an existing article.

Article Spinners and SEO

Sometimes, a content spinner will offer a bit of built in search engine optimization. You might be able to designate SEO terms that should remain constant even when the rest of the article is spun. This kind of content spinner allows you to nab an article wholesale while preserving some of the optimization that has already been done on it. For example, if there’s an article about “cold brew coffee” and you want to maintain the phrase “cold brew coffee” for search purposes, you can designate the phrase to remain the same in the new content. In addition to keywords, you should also use good structure to achieve SEO. Once you’ve spun the content, do some additional tagging and structuring over and above the original article. You aren’t just looking to generate content, you should be looking to add value to that content as well. That is what the article rewriter for.

Article Spinners and Copyright Laws

In 2020, an article rewriter tool is a completely legal way to generate text! As long as the generated text doesn’t quote directly or completely steal the idea of the article that you’re copying from, it is now your text that has been generated and can be used how you want to. When it comes to the content spinner,  it is recommended to use a plagiarism checker to ensure that your article has been spun far enough away from the original content. If it fails the test or sends back any red flags, you can spin again or do some heavy editing to make the article original and fresh. Keep in mind that even if you are using the best article spinner to produce content for your personal website, you need to consider more than just raw copyright violations. In order to achieve good search rankings, you’ll need content that registers in Google’s search algorithms as original and beneficial to the searcher’s query. You should probably do some copypasting and word additions, over and above the article spinning. An article spinner doesn’t completely absolve you from writing or editing an article, but it does give you a great start!

How can I Utilize an Article Spinner?

Contrary to what you may see in other places on the internet, an article spinner or word spinner should not be used to produce English content if you are not a native English speaker. Rewrite article services may seem like a quick ticket to content, but the English they produce is often choppy and disjointed. It isn’t wrong, per se, but often the vocabulary used by content spinner will require a bit of editing to make it more natural. If you are a fluent English speaker and use an online spinner, you’ll have the skillset to read over it and edit out the sentences that sound odd. Rewrite sentence websites can be used to generate original content for editing — but it should be edited. The word choices of an article rewriter may involve word choices that no native speaker would choose in that context.

Producing Blog Content with a Word Spinner

Can you produce great content with a free article spinner? No. Can you produce decent content with an article spinner, which you can edit into great content quicker than you can write original great content on your own? Yes! Keep the following info about the article rewriter in mind if you’re looking to produce blog content with a word spinner.
  • Use a variety of websites. Definitely don’t just spin a collection of articles from the same website and post them all to your own. This will probably get penalized by search engines, and might get an angry email from the people that run the other website. Spinning content is totally fine, but diversify your sources.
  • Keep the tone stable. If you’re spinning content from different websites, you can easily lose your brand’s voice or personal voice in the shuffle. Maintaining a particular standard — usually through a unified brand or voice — is one of the keys to maintaining and growing clientele and readership for your website.
  • Use content spinner along with a plagiarism checker! Review new content before you post it to your site. You don’t want to get caught in a copyright kerfuffle with a bigger player.
  • Mix the spun content with original content. If you start spinning articles, you should alternate spinning and writing original content. This will help maintain higher brand standards, and help keep the total percentage of original content on your site high.

Copywriting with an Article Spinner

Now we’ve reached the dangerous territory of article rewriters. Although it is done at times, it isn’t recommended that you turn in articles to clients that have been spun off of a blog or website. Most clients can smell an article spinner or article rewriter from a mile away, and know how it reads. Even if you edit the article, there’s still a chance that the client complains to you about the spun article. It depends on the client and contract. If you talk to that client ahead of time and explain your process and ask about article spinners, then it would be fine. But passing off a spun article as original copywriting is likely to land you in far more trouble than is worth the time that you save.

Using an Article Spinner: Step-by-step

You should probably perform the article spin in 3 steps.
  1. 1. Pick and Spin Content

    First, you’ll need to pick and spin the content. Remember that spinning won’t make mediocre content better! At best, spinning content will retain its value, not raise it. However the original article reads, that level and quality is the ceiling which your content cannot go above without extensive editing.
  2. 2. Edit Content

    Article spinners use imperfect algorithms, so obviously, ther can’t compare to a human English speaker’s editing. You should read over the spun article or hire an editor to make it sound more natural and fit. A spun article sounds like, well, a spun article. With a good editor or rewriter, however, you can spin an article and make it read and sound like an original piece.
  3. 3. Check Content Spinner for Plagiarism

    Spinning articles isn’t illegal, but posting copied content definitely is! While there isn’t a one-to-one correlation between posting copied content and spinning an article, there is a much higher chance of plagiarism for a spun article than there is for an original piece. Definitely run a spun article with the help of a plagiarism checker after you’ve edited it, to make sure that it passes and doesn’t raise any red flags.


Definitely go play around with an article rewriter! They’re super cool rewrite tools of 2020, and for certain content generation projects they might be ideal as a starting point. Most of the time, you should think about an article spinner as a way of generating content for yourself to edit, instead of writing from scratch. You won’t find a website that will pump out polished pieces that you can immediately turnaround and send to clients or readers. If an essay is like a statue, then starting from scratch is like starting with a complete block of stone. It takes longer to get to a finished product, but you’ve got more freedom and there’s a higher ceiling on the originality and value of the content. A word spinner is like taking a malformed statue and trying to make it beautiful. With an article rewriter, it will be a quicker process, but the end result will probably be less beautiful and original than if you started from scratch. Spin text