Link Insertion: The Only Guide You Need

Link Insertion

The hunt for backlinks is tough. We all agree on that. But you know what’s great?

The whole game gets a lot easier when someone gives you a guide full of hints and experience-based tips. Consider it your lucky day because we’ve prepared one for you. This time, let’s focus on the link insertion tactic. 

It is an effective way to build a powerful backlink profile, the kind that skyrockets your growth within a short period. Still, 41% of SEO experts think of it as a pretty tough element of search engine optimization.

To help you out, today, we’ll go through the whole process step-by-step and give you a detailed strategy of what to do. Let’s get rolling!

The Basics

The Basics


Like with every other concept, to use link insertions, you need to get a firm grasp of the basics before you proceed. So, here are a few things you should know about it.

Link insertion is equivalent to niche edits. You choose a suitable page on the donor site, preferably the one that is relevant to your site, has high traffic, and shows a good backlink balance. A link to your site is then placed on this page. 

For example, if you have a blog on beauty products and there’s another blog owned by a dermatologist who focuses on skincare, you could ask them to link to any page of yours that adds more value to their content. But there’s more to this tactic than just having your links on as many pages as possible (we will get to that later).

Who Needs This SEO Tactic?

Everyone who has some kind of online presence can benefit from link insertion: individuals, brands, and businesses that have their own websites, bloggers, or e-commerce stores. Small businesses, as well as big companies, can double their growth rate and revenue with link insertion. After all, the pages that have more backlinks are the first in Google search.

Link inserts are a crucial part of a sustainable growth strategy. Sure, you can drive traffic to your site with paid ads, but 86% of people skip these ads and only click on organic search results. But that’s not all. You will also get to:

  • Boost brand reach, awareness, and credibility
  • Increase your business visibility and search rankings
  • 4x your site traffic, growth, and revenue 
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Increase your domain rating and trust scores
  • Get more leads, sales, and higher engagement rates

Link Insertion vs Guest Post: Are They the Same?

Link Insertion vs Guest Post

Source: @Charles_SEO on X (formerly Twitter)

Often, people seem to confuse the two or use them interchangeably, but they are not the same. One of the similarities between link insertion vs guest post is that they both involve outreach for link placement in relevant websites, but that’s where it ends. The link insert does not require you to do a lot of writing. 

You find already written quality content that has good traction and engagement. Then, you reach out for your links to be added somewhere in the content with a suitable anchor. Of course, you’ll have to make minor edits or add a paragraph. But with guest posts, you will need to do more work, including writing the entire blog post. 

Now, there are different tactics to get backlinks. Still, while this link-building strategy is a very effective technique for boosting your site’s credibility and getting it to rank higher in search results quickly, it does come with its own hurdles. For example, the wrong anchor might not get you many clicks and might mislead your target audience. So, here’s what you can do to avoid that scenario and other challenges.

#1 Search for Suitable Opportunities

Search for Suitable Opportunities

Source: @LauraSlingo on X

Let’s be clear: there’s a very drastic difference when you place your links on quality relevant sites and when you do so on a resource with a low spam score. This is why you hardly find any credible brands inserting their links in an adult/gambling site or a dodgy web page, no matter how many people visit there. So, before doing a link insertion outreach, search for the right site through any of the following ways:

  • Google search. Most sites that do guest posting also allow link insertions. You can use your keywords + “write for us” or “link insertion” to find these pages.
  • Social media. Social media is a great way to connect not just with friends and family but also encounter business opportunities. You can reach out to reputable authors and ask them to place a link to your relevant web page in their content. 
  • Web directories. These are the resources that compile sites across many niches, and they can be open to such collaborations. Thus, you can get backlinks that save you money, time, and lots of hassles.
  • Link insertion services. These are services that specialize in helping businesses in all niches find the right site and do outreach. For example, with LinksManagement, you have access to thousands of pages that can help you get your link inserted.
  • Competitor analysis. This research helps you discover which sites are linking to your competitors, and you can now reach out to the same resources.

#2 Choose Wisely 

The next step in your link insertion outreach plan is ensuring that you choose the right sites. You want a website that is relevant, has a high domain authority, and a high trust score. It must have a strong natural backlink profile so you can also enjoy the perks. One more thing: the page needs high traffic. 

You will have lots of opportunities to choose a proper website. And you can select either a page with high traffic, even if it’s not highly relevant, or the one related to your brand. If you get creative, even a math site can be ‘relevant’ to an e-commerce page selling frying pans. How is that? 

Well, think about the situation when manufacturers specify the diameter of a frying pan, but the price difference is not always clear. Now, imagine that you can click on a link and land on a page that gives a visual idea of what that product looks like. By knowing the formula of a circle area, you can easily understand the dimensions of that frying pan. Nevertheless, it isn’t the best solution; you’d better choose relevant pages, especially those ranking for keywords you need.

#3 Make Your Pitch Convincing 

Just like with guest posting, you will need to write an email asking to include your link in the website. Remember that those sites probably get tons of similar emails, so make sure your message is an outstanding piece. Keep it simple and straight to the point. In some cases, you might be required to pay, so be sure to consider if the price is right for you before you proceed any further.

#4 Use a Natural Anchor 

Use a Natural Anchor

Source: @RyanJonesSEO

The anchor text you use will depend on the content relevance to the linked page, your keywords, and your link profile. Ensure that your anchor text is clear and descriptive and lets the reader know what to expect when they click on it. Besides, try to make a natural mixture of anchors. They can’t all be your keywords or a brand name. Otherwise, you risk getting penalties. One of the pro tips you can use is having a neutral anchor and adding the desired key near it.

#5 Make Sure the Surrounding Text Makes Sense 

Remember that link insertion is possible with already existing content. However, in some cases, you might be required to write a paragraph or two, which is where you will then add your link. Still, it looks more natural if the link appears not in the existing text but in the updated article. For example, a paragraph is added, and in this new paragraph, there is a link to your site. 

#6 Keep It Ethical

36% of companies prefer to outsource their link building. Why? Well, doing link insertion outreach can be tricky, even for experienced marketers. You will find that there are lots of people or agencies offering to get you hundreds or thousands of sites for your links for the price of a lunch. That might sound like a fantastic way to save money and get your site search rankings where you want them to be. 

But the truth is that such cheap offers are a red flag and can result in your links being placed on sites with more bots than human engagement. And if you start getting any unusual traffic from such resources, it’s only a matter of time before the Google algorithm gets alerted, and you may get penalized. Instead, use white-hat services like Links Management (LM), which has lots of testimonials, low prices, and a proven track record.

#7 Don’t Become the Thing You Hate

This SEO technique works, sometimes even better than expected. Such results can be tempting, and some people proceed to abuse the approach, which can backfire badly. Don’t overdo link insertions. It won’t look natural to Google. Therefore, don’t ignore guest posts (what we call articles in LM). And if you use link insertions, be sure to use the surrounding text. Don’t forget to check your Google rankings regularly to be able to react quickly to any changes.

Here’s one thing you have to keep in mind. No matter how good you are at marketing and link building, there will be times when you need to call in some reinforcements. 

Maybe you just have a lot on your plate, the deadline is way too close for comfort, or you simply want to get things done professionally. 

When you need some extra help, you can always use a link insertion service (aka a niche edits service). It is a great way to outsource a part of your link-building processes. Yet, the most important question is – how do you find a credible partner that doesn’t only help you buy niche edits but also makes strategic decisions? This will be a good start:

  1. Decide what you want to achieve with a link insertion service. This is important as your goals determine what kind of service providers you need. Your industry, budget, the number of links you want, and when you expect to get results – all those impact your choices. Be clear about this when choosing your partners.
  2. Find a niche edits service with good usability. Sometimes, choosing a proper page for your link insertion is a tough task, especially if you have thousands of pages to choose from. So, make sure the service you choose has an easily understandable system of selecting and ordering the service you need. For example, at LinksManagement, you have dozens of filters to find a perfect page for any case. Besides, the order process is highly intuitive and secure – you don’t need to pay anything until you’re satisfied with the results, thanks to the escrow fund.
  3. Check their ratings, reviews, and testimonials. You have to be able to see what kind of clients every service has been able to help in the past and what their experience was. Did they have any successful cases with a brand like yours? The history and portfolio will show you if they are a credible niche edits service or not.
  4. Put on your investigative cap and ask the deep questions. You may not like to stir the pot, but this is no time to be shy about asking probing questions. If you are going to be spending your hard-earned money to buy niche edits, you deserve to know exactly what kind of tactics every service uses. This will save you a lot of pain in the future.
  5. Progress report. Before you start working with any service, confirm whether you should expect regular progress reports, as this will let you track their work rate. Besides, you also want to keep an eye on the links you get using any SEO tool of your choice.


Link insertion is a straightforward practice that gives you more chances to connect with your target audience and supercharge your rankings. What’s the real key to success? It is to be strategic and look at your SEO strategy as a whole rather than focusing on a single tactic. By doing that consistently and adjusting along the way, you are destined for success.

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