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How can you rank well on Google? One word – backlinks.

People rarely agree on anything when it comes to SEO. But every optimization expert will tell you that guest posting is one of the best ways to get white-hat backlinks today. Yet, the issue is that this tactic takes way too much time, especially for the newbies. That’s why most businesses choose to delegate it all to guest posting services.

How do you spot one? Keep reading.

What Is a Guest Posting Service?

A guest posting service is a type of SEO agency or an online article submission platform that helps bloggers and businesses publish their content on relevant sites within their niche.

Benefits of Using a Guest Blog Posting Services for Your SEO

Benefits of Using a Guest Blog Posting Services for Your SEO

When you use a guest blogging service, you are more likely to get links that will:

  • Increase your trustworthiness for Google. Websites that get top-ranking positions in search results are those that Google trusts. The search algorithm sees their content as more insightful and credible compared to others.
    And good guest post services know how to get you quality backlinks, which, in turn, can help your website appear more authoritative and reliable.
  • Increase search rankings. Backlinks directly impact your position on search engine result pages, especially when you get more relevant links than your competitors.
  • Boost your brand visibility. Guest posting services can help put your brand in front of many more eyes which means better brand awareness (beyond your usual audience).
  • Diversify your content strategically. A quality backlink service or agency can help you come up with ideas and ways to create and distribute your content to attract new potential leads.
  • Bring more referral traffic to your website. A guest posting company can publish your post on a quality site and drive traffic from there to your website. But again, this will only work if your backlink service knows what they’re doing.

Why Choose LinksManagement as Your Provider?

There are countless platforms out there. But what you really need are results. And the only way to get them is by partnering with a credible company.

This is what we offer our clients at LinksManagement to ensure the best outcome for them:

  • ✅ A team of skilled, experienced providers who have huge databases of websites in different niches. That’s why you always get premium Google-friendly backlinks.
  • ✅ The diversity of backlinks, domains, and niches gives you access to quality links globally, whether you’re targeting the USA, EU, UK, Australia, or any other part of the world.
  • ✅ The variety of filters can help you find the websites you need quickly.
  • ✅ You don’t have to worry about outreach or any type of communication with webmasters or editors. It is all done for you.
  • ✅ You can submit your own content or delegate content writing to us. This makes your guest post submissions even easier.
  • ✅ Your links will be published in a matter of days.
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How to Choose a Service for Guest Blogging

When you google a guest post placement company or service, you get thousands of options. And the tricky part is that some of them can get you incredible results, while others will only get you in trouble. How can you know?

How to Choose a Service for Guest Blogging

#1 Reasonable and Transparent Pricing

The higher the DR/DA, traffic, and trustworthiness of a site, the more expensive it will be to get your post published there. This is a universal rule, no matter what service you choose. But how can you know the pricing offered to you is fair?

You see – the pricing is a very slippery slope. Today, you can find those who charge $5 for 100 backlinks, whereas the other service will offer you a guest post for $3,000+.

The difference is that the first service is getting your posts published on some spammy PBNs (spoiler: avoid those at all costs), while the second one is probably offering a high-authority site with good traffic metrics and a well-known name (think of Forbes, NYT, etc.).

Of course, a quality backlink doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. On average, a guest post on a decent site should cost you $100+.

A reliable guest posting service will have a transparent pricing policy for all packages explaining what each type of service costs and why. They are not the type to spring up a new charge on you halfway through your contract. This should be a huge red flag if they do.

#2 A Wide Range of Websites for Guest Post Submission

One of the most obvious things you would want from your guest post service is a big inventory (aka database) of websites that are ready to publish your articles. Even more importantly, these websites have to be from your industry or at least related niches.

If you find out that a service uses all the same pages for every client, regardless of their niche and needs, run. This is clearly a spammy practice that will do more harm than good.

Imagine you own a pet store, and you randomly get a backlink in an article about the best washing machines. On top of that, next to you, this article links to a digital marketing agency, a financial media, a small gardening blog, and an educational app. Sounds like a joke?

Well, unfortunately, that’s what most of the “100 links for $10” look like. Alternatively, you can also get a website that talks about all things tech but is ready to publish a blog about nurseries, cultivation of rice, or the best anti-aging creams.

This looks random not only to you but also to the search engines. Google won’t see any connection between all those topics. As a result, your link-building opportunity can turn into a nightmare.

What you need instead is a guest post agency that relies on a diverse range of websites. And when we say diverse, we mean…diverse:

  • Their list of sites should cut across many niches (more on this in a bit).
  • Their geography should also vary, including global and local markets.
  • They should be able to connect their clients to different audience demographics with many interests.
  • The DR/DA, PageRank, Trustflow, etc. should also be mixed, even though they should be getting you mostly medium- to high-quality sites.

Otherwise, the links won’t look natural and will trigger a manual action from Google.

#3 The Availability of Unique and Relevant Niche Sites

It is so hard to find guest post placement opportunities in some niches, especially when you are doing the work by yourself. But a guest posting service should be able to help you land one regardless of your industry.

That is if they have a wide network with both mainstream and obscure niches, including .edu and .gov links.

A reliable guest blogging service should be able to get you published on numerous websites related to your niche. And even if they offer you different industries, the topic of your guest post should be somehow related to your main work domain.

#4 Guest Post Placement Speed & Volume

You want a service that can get you quality backlinks at a reasonable pace. Ideally, they should also have a link inventory that is big enough to keep up with that pace for months (if not years).

Of course, this will depend on your goals. But if you are a bigger business, consider this factor carefully. You don’t want to wait around for weeks before you get one link (unless it is something extremely special).

If high volumes are something you are looking for, pay attention to companies that have special packages where you can X links in X period (e.g., monthly).

#5 Guarantees & You Feeling Good

When it comes to any type of partnership, we want the other party to make us feel good. Of course, we rarely get guarantees in life, but in the business environment, you want to have at least some kind of reassurance.

If you’re choosing a backlink company, check their case studies and ask about their experience. It is really important to see what they’ve achieved before. If they have a solid profile (including projects in your niche), won’t you feel a little bit better and safer?

Another reasonable thing to expect from some of the best services on the market is easy refund policy, helpful customer support, good reviews, etc. Yes, it is basic. But it is crucial.

How to Use a Blogger Outreach Service: Effective Step-by-Step Framework

There is a time-proven framework for an effective collaboration with any backlink service. So, no need to invent anything new. Just follow these steps if you plan on using blog posting services:

Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience and Niche

This might sound like a random point when it comes to guest posting. At the end of the day, you publish your blogs for SEO and better ranking, right? Most of us do. So, we totally get it.

But what if you also make your guest posts relevant (aka valuable) for your potential clients? If you’re already spending time and budget to publish your article, why not make it actually good? Getting some leads on top of SEO benefits sounds anything but bad.

Yet, how can you understand what your audience wants to read? First things first, you have to know who those people you’re writing for are. If you already know your audience, feel free to skip this step and move to the next one.

Still, if you’re unsure of who your potential clients are, answer these 3 questions (the more detailed, the better):

  • What is your target audience all about? You probably already know the basics (e.g., age, location, income levels, etc.). But what about deeper layers? What do your customers love and hate? How do they spend their Sundays? What Netflix show would they choose? These might seem irrelevant, but they aren’t. These are the aspects that define your audience. And building any campaign without knowing this is useless.
  • Who is your ideal customer? Create several customer profiles that would ideally fit into your vision of a perfect match made in heaven. Make them as detailed as you can. You can even give these “ideal customers” some names and refer to them in your future campaigns (inside your team, of course).
  • What is your target market, target audience, and target personas? Sounds like all the same thing? Well, it isn’t. While these concepts are often used interchangeably, it is important to understnad the difference between them. This will serve you far beyond SEO purposes.
who your potential clients are

Step 2: Select Websites for the Guest Post Submission

So you know who your dream customer is, but how do you find the ideal site for your guest posts? You have several options like:

Select Websites for the Guest Post Submission
  1. Google search. Use keywords like “write for us” + “niche/keyword,” or “niche/keyword” + “guest posting sites,” etc.
  2. Website directories. Go through the online directories for your industry, and you might come up with new ideas on who to contact for a guest post collaboration.
  3. Social media. Follow the SM profiles of top bloggers in your niche and start building connections with them. Later on, you can offer them some sort of collaboration. Apart from social networks, you can try being active on forums, relevant subreddits, or local communities (both digital and offline).
  4. Check your competitors’ backlink profiles. Doing competitor analysis is a must for any business. When it comes to SEO, you also have to peek at what your competition is doing. You can get some inspiration for your link-building activities and even find proper pages to submit your guest posts to.
  5. Guest blogging services. These exist to bridge the gap between you and sites that are interested in publishing paid guest posts. This is the fastest option to buy backlinks and find potential sites for publishing your articles. Yet, don’t forget to filter potential prospects (sites) by:
    • Domain rating/authority. The higher the DA, the more link juice for your site.
    • Traffic. A site with high current traffic means more eyes on your content and better chances of getting referral traffic.
    • Price. Find pricing that is comfortable for you to sustain.
    • Country. Most of your backlinks should come from domains in the same country you operate. This has more SEO value than backlinks from foreign sites with different languages. The latter can look suspicious and be flagged for manipulative link building practices.

Step 3: Choose and Approve a Topic That Is Relevant for You and Your Donor Site

A guest blog post revolves around an engaging relevant topic so this should be your next step. As you choose a topic, make sure it focuses on issues that your target audience actually cares about.

Usually, you can suggest up to three different topics, and the site will choose the one they like best. Often, you can be asked to submit a pitch. If that’s the case, make sure it is interesting and intriguing, not a random text generated by ChatGPT.

Step 4: Write or Order the Copy That Corresponds to EEAT

Once your topic has been approved, it’s left for you to start writing. Google looks for content that shows expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness (EEAT).

Write or Order the Copy That Corresponds to EEAT

EEAT basically means that your content should not be based entirely on theory. It needs some personal (not necessarily first-hand) angle. People should trust that you know what you are talking about, and then Google will love it.

How do you pull this off?

  • Lots of research and interviews, so you can really dig deep into the issues
  • Citation from verifiable sources unless you’re sharing anecdotal evidence

But what if you don’t have the time or like to skip all that hassle? You can order content from most platfroms.

At LinksManagement, the service providers can do everything for you, from outreach and content creation to publication.

Step 5: Choose a Natural Anchor Text for Your Backlink

The whole point of doing guest posting is to get a backlink. The link itself might seem super straightforward. In the end, what can potentially go wrong here, right? Well, there are many things that can go wrong, and the first one is your anchor text.

What is it? An anchor text is a phrase that serves as a hyperlink. Basically, these are the “clickable” words (usually underlined and highlighted in blue). An anchor text can be one word only, a number, or almost a whole sentence (not the best idea, though).

It is good SEO practice to make sure anchor text provides context about the page it leads to while also making contextual sense in a sentence where it appears. That’s what SEO experts mean when they say it should be natural.

Usually, people abuse anchor texts and try to make them keyword-based to improve their SEO. Yet, it is far from being the best tactic.

There is a crucial rule when it comes to anchor texts. You want to keep them balanced in your backlink profile. What does this balance mean? A mix of branded, URL, keyword-based, and generic anchor texts.

While it is tempting to go for a keyword-based anchor, the best practice is to have no more than 5% of links like that. Some SEO experts even recommend keeping keyword anchors below 1% (!). A good tip, though, is to add your keyword next to the anchor text. For example:

❌ Instead of this: Consider this if you want to buy an LED lamp.

✅ Do this: Consider this if you want to buy an LED lamp that is perfect for your home office setup.

What is the ratio of your anchor texts you could aim for?

Step 6: Submit Your Guest Blog (Hooray!)

It’s time! You can send your guest post for publishing. At this step, you will see the results of all the work you (or your agency) did until this moment.

Before you send your article to the website editor, make sure:

  • Your copy corresponds to all the best SEO practices we’ve mentioned above.
  • You haven’t forgotten about the requirements a website owner mentioned.

This way, you can save a lot of time on revisions and have your guest blog published as soon as possible. The best guest posting service will have this ironed out with the chosen site, so you don’t have to worry about it. But if you decide to write the content by yourself, make sure you double-check all the requirements for the submission with your service.

Step 7: Check Whether Your Backlink Is Live or Request a Report From Your Guest Blogging Service

If you think that there is no work left after your guest post publication, it isn’t quite like that. It would be way too easy otherwise:) After your blog is out there, make sure that it is live, and that the backlink itself is as you’ve expected it to be.

You should always monitor your links and make sure they are active and lead to the right page. Also, confirm that the links are dofollow, as any links tagged as rel=“nofollow” will not pass on any link equity and won’t have any SEO value.

But don’t get overly zealous either and solely order dofollow links. That will only look suspicious. Instead, aim for a good mix – more dofollow links and fewer links with sponsored or nofollow tags.

Regular backlink audits are also important to spot spammy links that need to be removed. Sometimes, a website can even face a backlink spam attack. That’s why you should keep an eye on it.

You can also ask your backlink service to send you monthly reports on the state of the links you’ve got with them.


Choosing the right blog posting service is not rocket science once you know what to do. As long as you have a company that follows SEO best practices, there’s nothing to worry about. Be patient, and your links will bring the results over time.

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