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If you are still hesitant about whether you should submit a press release about your business, keep reading. One thing you need to realize is that whatever business you work on improving, you will not get the desired results if nobody knows about it. Of course, there are different channels of promotion, but beginner entrepreneurs usually put their trust in the magic power of word of mouth. Unfortunately, this method is already outdated, and, admittedly, will not give your business a desirable promotional boost. We recommend choosing time-tested and efficient instruments, such as writing a press release. The world does not stand still, and modern press-releases advantageously stand out against the ones of the past. But why are they so crucial for your business? Let’s look into the benefits a well-written press release can bring to your business.

  • A way to tell about the new product, brand, or service: if you need to announce your new product, there is no better way to tell about it than to submit a press release to the associated resource.
  • Recognition increasing. There is nothing bad in submitting a press release to numerous newspapers today, so the companies try to send as many publications as possible. In such a way, they improve their image and increase the brand’s recognition. Moreover, people will treat your company as trustworthy if there is a lot of information about it on various high-grade websites.
  • Establish a visual representation. You can jazz up your online representation with bright content like videos and photos. Doing so, you can show your product in the most favorable light.
  • An opportunity to get exposure. In earlier times it was sufficient to submit a press release only to a newspaper. But now there is a possibility to distribute it by email, social media, numerous websites, as well as spread it amongst influencers with wide audiences. Thus, your business advances by endearing to a wider public.
  • SEO. Writing a release, you have an opportunity to optimize it with the help of keywords so that it will be among the most popular pages on search engines. It is essential for your promotion.
  • Demonstrate your brand’s uniqueness. By meticulously choosing the content for your press release you get an opportunity to express yourself and incorporate unique, and valuable information, which may be spiced up with some jokes or anecdotes.

After realizing the importance of press-releases, you have probably already started wondering how to write and submit one, so it really works for you. Don’t you worry, we’ve got this covered as well.

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How to submit a press release?

The importance of press releases in business promotion is already an open-and-shut case. Moving forward, we now face issues related to press releases’ submissions.

It only seems that this stage is effortless. In reality, it is far from being so. That is why we prepared a comprehensive guide to a successful press release submission.

  • First of all, you should take care of the text itself. Admittedly, it should be eye-catching and attractive. Nobody will want to post dry and uninteresting information on their resource. It should be unique or at least useful.
  • Before submission, check whether the structure of your release adheres to the following:

Header. It should indicate the content.
Leading. The short information about what a reader expects to see further.
Body. You should explain the data you gave people earlier, fill it with details.
Date. It is of great importance for publishers to understand that you give them the latest information.
Contact information. You should provide an opportunity to contact you if necessary. Actually, the feedback should be a top priority for you.

  • Do not forget about SEO: try to analyze the keywords and edit your content accordingly.
  • If your structure doesn’t raise any concerns, wait at least one day and read the copy one more time. Answer yourself several questions: “Is the content engaging? Does it present some value? Will it attract people?” If you have even one negative answer, consider improving your work.
  • It is inadmissible that your press release contains grammar mistakes. Even if the content is super exciting, mistakes will drastically decrease information’s credibility.

After all of the quality requirements are fulfilled, you should think about where to submit your press release. It is necessary to realize that the target audience of the publisher should correlate with your target audience. If you publish an article about luxury houses on the mother’s blog, there will be no point in it. You should also take potential readers’ location, age, financial position, and many other factors into consideration. Learning this information about your clients, you have a chance to make an excellent analysis at the same time. Unfortunately, there is no ideal ready-made list with the best places to submit press-releases, so it can probably take much time.

It all seems complicated, but it is quite real. The main thing is to think about the result you will get in the future. However, there is one more issue with it. The websites, journalists, bloggers, and editors get so many inquiries that they can just miss your email, where you offer cooperation.

So, here are some life hacks on how to be noticed by publishers:

  • The text of your email must be concise, so does the email’s title;
  • You should carefully choose the publishers, whom you are going to send the release. They should be interested in it, and their target audience should fit your target audience. Otherwise, successful cooperation will not be achieved;
  • Choose a time to submit a press release to the associated press wisely. It means that if you offer a time-bound product, you should realize that it requires some period of time before it will be published;
  • Do not add any attachments to the email. Publishers usually get a massive amount of emails and need to check them quickly. High chances are that they will not look through any files attached. In the text of your email simply indicate a link to a document/media file. It will be quicker and more comfortable for receivers to get acquainted with it;
  • If you have not received an answer, you can try to remind a receiver about yourself, but it is better not to do it more than once.

Now you know how to submit a press release. But if you do not have much time for it, and would like to get better results as soon as possible, there are also other options. Stay tuned, and we will tell you about them!

Submitting a press release with link building services

As you have already made sure, submitting a press release might turn out a whole endeavor that requires much time and attention from you. You can produce the best and most attractive copy you have ever done, but do not achieve the desired result. For this reason, there is a better option called link building services.

What is the aim of the link building services? Professionally organized link building will increase the company’s online recognition. In what way do they turn it into reality? They allow you to buy natural backlinks and in such a way to improve the weight of your page. What are the pros of link building promotion strategy?

  • Your website becomes more visible in searching engines;
  • You get traffic from the pages that give backlinks to your page;
  • Your page can get a higher PR if it gets links from high-quality web-pages;
  • Getting links is one of the most effective instruments for online promotion.

What are the stages of this process?

If you decide to build the whole process on your own, you create a press release with your link and send it to numerous publishers and wait with fingers crossed for a positive answer. Otherwise, if you use link building services that also provide guest posting, you get a great choice of publishers with blogs on any topics you can imagine. We think that it is convenient that you do not have to look for the resources and wait for a confirmation email to submit your press release anymore.

One more crucial nuance is that usually, you spend much time getting in contact with publishers and carrying on negotiations with them. However, as you probably already know, not all of them have a desire to cooperate with anyone who reaches out to them. In this case, professional link building companies will come in handy. You get a ready-made base of publishers, who are always ready to work with you. If you do not have time for writing a press release, you can order it from qualified copywriters.

Probably, your brand is already known, and there is plenty of information about it on the Internet. Another important point to mention is that you should make sure that all the content that is out there has a link to your sites. If not, you can contact the owners of these pages and ask them to add your link.

One more fact that wherever you are, in the USA, UK, or the Philippines, you can use link building services. Using them, you save your precious time, a significant amount of money, while getting visible results.

Submitting a press release with LinksManagement

So, you see that it is hard to argue that it is much easier to collaborate with specialized services and not to torment yourself with the questions of how to create great content and where to submit a press release on your own. Equally important to your content’s quality is a choice of service. We offer you to try LinksManagement, and you will fall in love once and forever. Why should you give preference to exactly this service?

  • LinksManagement helps to send releases to the best websites;
  • Using it, you get high-quality SEO backlinks and referral traffic;
  • LinksManagement chooses pages to cooperate with considering high PR and DA metrics. This has proved itself as the best SEO strategy for 2020;
  • You can buy backlinks with the help of convenient filters. By using them, you get an opportunity to choose pages you want to cooperate with manually. You also have an option to sort links by their price;
  • This service works with websites hosted in USA, UK, CA, AU & EU;
  • You can choose among cheaper and more trustworthy websites with domains like .gov, .edu, and so on;
  • Instead of old-fashioned PR rating of pages, LinksManagement has created its own SB Rank based on DA and PA index, which helps its clients to choose the best suiting resources.

When everything seems so appealing, people are often afraid of huge expenses which they will have to spend on this product. But speaking of LinksManagement, you can buy backlinks with any budget and choose any pages that fit your pocket. Moreover, for your convenience, you may try its Free Seo Cost Calculator (for free, of course). Let us discuss this tool in more detail.

Free Seo Cost Calculator is an online instrument that provides you with an opportunity to plan your budget, calculate the exact number of required backlinks, and define the period you need for your promotion campaign. Moreover, the most pleasant thing is that all these features are available free of charge. The cost of backlinks will depend on your budget, the location of your company, and the websites you choose. Usually, the value of the link starts from $0.01 and has no limitations.

As for the concrete results, LinksManagement has already launched 53604 SEO campaigns and helped 28631 to get to the top 10 in Google. You can also get to know hundreds of successful cases on the website, which shows the professionalism of this service in the best way.

All in all, you have seen that press-releases are not the same anymore and can be a powerful instrument for promoting your page as well as your business in general. Nevertheless, it is not that easy as it seems at first, because producing a mediocre copy is not enough; you should really generate publishers’ and readers’ interest. Fortunately, if you do not have the time and strength to devote yourself to it, there are professional link building services that will help you with everything to achieve a perfect result. LinksManagement is one of such services. It will fit any company and budget and will provide you with real chances to get to the top of Google in a short time.

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