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It’s quite tricky to develop your website today due to the high competition and innovations of search engines. But, there is always a solution. Improve your business with quality article submission services. Using them, you get an effective way to increase your brand awareness and drive more traffic to the site.

Why Do You Need To Submit an Article?

Submission of an article is one of the greatest ways of modern marketing. When you build your website, you have to be sure that the search engines correctly display all the information about it (meta tags, all page descriptions, the best keywords, and more). You can get all of that, using articles that are specially written so that search engines can find suitable terms and link the leading site. The materials you create mainly contain keywords about the information from your website. It allows users who are looking for the right data to see relevant results. Besides, the submission article is a great way to get traffic to your page.

Critical Submission Article Points

The Internet is a large-scale place consisting of online users who make various queries every day. Thus, to attract a target audience, you should know for sure that your site appeares at least on the second page of Google.

  • 55% of clicks or visitors are in the top 3 search results.
  • 68% of Internet users search for a product through the Internet and online stores.
  • 80% of clients use a search engine as a way to learn something new.

In addition to all popular SEO methods, article submission sites are one of the most critical steps that help companies get high rankings in search results.

Why We Are One Of The Best Article Submission Sites

  • Our submission services are manual;

  • We have a good reception ratio;

  • We use the author’s biography as many times as the client wants;

  • Our team uses several different anchor text in links to different directories, magazines, newspapers to provide you with natural links and submit news article;

  • We transfer access to the author’s account in each article directory or journal;

  • We create your account in each list or magazine with your email so that in the future, you can add other articles.

How To Submit An Article

If you think that just submitting an article to a web page is enough, you’ve never been so wrong before. You need to structure the web pages correctly so that search engines can easily find them. Therefore, the use of the proper keywords and phrases in your texts is essential. Our team of specialists knows how to help you in submitting your articles since we have highly qualified authors who can compose correctly written materials for you. Besides, we also post these articles to a magazine or newspaper. Our team knows for sure that your web page will become popular as soon as possible.

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Advantages of the article submission sites

  • Manual settings

Our SEO team customizes all articles manually in an authorized magazine or newspaper.

  • Convenient packages

We have different plans and a large selection of resources. You can choose the best package based on your budget and needs.

  • Correct links

All articles are published only through quality links and channels. The selected resources are reliable and suitable for your niche or category.

  • Original content

Our copywriters make correctly optimized content for placement in different places.

  • Large selection of resources

There are various websites to which you can submit an article for posting.

Additional Points To Submit Your Article

  • High traffic

Using article submission service, you have an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of your resource, as your articles will be published in the best magazines or blogs, which will allow users to better learn about your business.

  • Advertising your offers

Our services provide you with the opportunity to advertise your offers and products. And using the best resources is a great option. Most users read different types of articles; therefore, publishing articles in special directories, you can get a high response to your website.

Our experts carefully review all the resources on which the articles will be presented before we add them to our database. Our company uses only sites with high authority and a good reputation as well as sites that get good traffic. With our help, you will get backlinks from directories and magazines. Your website will be able to build links with general article directories, which are part of our database of article directories.

Best Guidelines to Submit Your Article

Since most article submission sites have strict rules, you should carefully study them. Resources that do not use plagiarism or accept various kinds of “garbage” are not suitable for your SEO materials.

Therefore, here are some tips for getting and publishing your articles on the right resources:

1) Try not to add links to the article

Links to your site or another resource should be in the biography or “about the author” section.

2) Don’t advertise your company in the central part of the article

It is best to place it in the biography section.

3) Do not copy

Editors are not stupid. They carefully check each text. In this case, for example, if your website already has the desired content, you can simply rewrite it. Come up with new names, remake phrases, add something new.

4) Do not use a lot of keywords or do not use them at all

Many sites have a strict rule of “keyword density,” not more than 1.5%, so you need to adhere to these recommendations.

5) Check all errors

Everything is evident here. Avoid spelling or grammar mistakes.

What options LinksManagement can offer users?

Our company has created and improved a powerful marketing strategy with various options for organizations of any size and budget.

Our article submission experts analyze your site to understand your area of activity.

Next, the submission article team will determine the most appropriate keywords and phrases to use when building links. The proper keywords will help you get to the top positions in the search engine faster and get the highest traffic.

We will also find you a catalog or magazine that contains categories related to your company. Our professionals will create recommendations for both paid and free apps, but you will make the final choice.

Our authors create articles, messages, and comments that are manually sent to each site you select.

Let our experts create an individual SEO strategy. Thanks to the cooperation between you and our services, we will help you increase your visibility, attendance, and achieve all your company goals.

Distribution of articles

Distributing articles is one of the best ways to get a user to make a purchase, but once your article is written, you need to prepare statements about the distribution of it. And here, the delivery of the material is a great way to show your services.

We do the distribution of articles for you at a perfect price. You can also check our cases or customer reviews.

Of course, there is no one right way. If you have written an article and you do not plan to use it on your site, you must be sure that it will be published on another resource. Then we are here to help you. You will have a well-organized article distribution system, which is the key to success.

Service packages

Our team consists of experts in SEO, link building service, article submission, and others. If your article was created correctly, it could have a significant impact on your ranking. You will get not only the correct ranking effect but also profitable traffic.

We post your articles to SEO-friendly online sites and use our extensive library of directories and blogs to publish content.

Our experts provide quality articles and links, depending on the service you want.

We will carry out an SEO analysis of your site before the start of the campaign, and also send you a report on the work done.

Why Do You Need To Use Our Services?

Submitting articles is a great way to increase the number of backlinks on your site. Our teams are the only ones that can guarantee you increased backlinks and traffic using article submission opportunities. Initiate savings of up to 50% to 80% on the costs of submitting an article.

We promise to raise your backlinks as soon as possible using the cost reduction method. Our company may even provide you with the opportunity to submit articles manually without the help of specialists.

Our article submission in a journal is the most accurate. It ensures maximum traffic and site rating since as the number of backlinks on your resource increases, the score also increases.

We are incredibly focused on accuracy and openness. Our team always offers the best services for publication and providing articles following the requirements of the client. This commitment of 60% to 85% is beneficial to our customers.

Start Today

Article submission has always been perceived as an additional method for publication. Of course, you can make it yourself, but most likely, you won’t get the desired result. Moreover, now there are a lot of scammers who can steal your original content, publish it on their resources, and remove all your links.

Therefore, to avoid such unpleasant situations, all you need is to contact our team. We have vast experience, and we know for sure the right methods that can significantly increase your company’s ranking and traffic.

Essentially, all these articles approaches are the use of trusted directories for free or for a fee. If the articles don’t go to reliable lists with a high rating, you will not get the desired results. In this case, we help our customers get high-quality traffic to their sites by submitting articles to SEO-friendly, independent magazines, or blogs. It provides not only a lot of traffic but also allows you to get a massive number of backlinks.

Besides, the main difference in our company is considerable creativity and in-depth knowledge. Our experts know that unique content can work well and also keep you from spam. Also, rewriting a massive number of articles in hundreds of directories will not help you improve your ranking.

This is what spam refers to. In LinksManagement, our team creates unique content. And this means that we produce more quality articles that are also adequately optimized. We understand how many times one material must be published to get the best results and avoid spam and other unpleasant moments.

If you still do not know how to submit news article, this is not a problem. Using our services, you can offer any material or topic. We are always happy to provide any kind of help and advice so that you get the desired results, post your article in a journal, and satisfy your needs.

Feel free to contact us right now!

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