All You Need to Know About Niche Edits [What, When, Why]

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Not all links are created equal. Google and other search engines give much more weight to a specific type of backlinks — contextual. That is just one of the features niche edits can boast of. Why is that?

Niche edits are a powerful method of link building where a link to your page is edited onto an existing article on a website in your niche. Hence, the name “niche edits”. They are contextual to increase topical relevance. Clearly, that’s not all the information you need before deciding whether to incorporate them in your link building technique. So, let’s try to take a closer look at niche edit backlinks and evaluate their pros and cons.

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How Can Niche Edits Help My SEO?

The main benefit of niche edits for SEO is that you build backlinks within aged content that has already had authority. This means your link is getting more link authority passed to it compared to brand-new backlinks acquired using other link building methods.

This aged content may also already benefit from a good range of internal and external backlinks that are already flowing through the website, which can take a lot of time to develop within brand-new content, such as that placed using guest posting or blogger outreach services.

You may also see niche edits links mentioned alongside the term “broken link building”. Whilst both strategies have a slightly different approach, the end product is fundamentally similar, which is a backlink from an aged content piece with existing authority. 

4 Ultimate Benefits of Niche Edits That Differentiate Them from Other Link Building Tools

The benefit of getting juicy links from existing pages is that they have already established trust, authority, and relevance with Google. All these criteria are then passed on to your site. There is also the age of the page, safety, and a couple of more reasons to choose niche edits. It’s time to review all of them. 

  1. Head Start

A post that has been online for one year or even two months is more likely to be ranking for keywords, have inbound links, and be receiving search engine traffic. That is what gives you a head start over other SEO tactics. 

  1. Control

In that case, we’re talking about the control that you have over the anchor text. With niche edits, you’re adding value to the reader by embedding your natural anchor text and URL within the new, relevant content that is added to the existing webpage.

  1. Short Turnaround Time

Niche edits being fast links consume less time and money, having a reasonable ROI. It’s way faster than guest posting where you need to create new content in order to place a backlink and get a flow of traffic.

  1. Flexibility

With niche edits, you can select high-quality content with different metrics as well as websites with high relevance to your own page. In that way, you are always able to optimize the link juice you get from your niche edits.

If you’re still doubting whether niche edits work or not, this recent case study can thoroughly convince you.

Guest Posting VS Niche Edits

Great posting is great and works really, however, the biggest downside to guest posting is that you’re acquiring a link in a brand new article. It means that this article doesn’t have any authority whatsoever as it doesn’t have any backlinks pointing to that page. 

Niche edits have the opportunity to already have BOTH of those things — backlinks and internal links, pointing to that page — which of course is important, when it comes to ranking on the first page.

The main benefit of niche edits is that the article you place the link in can be already in the top 10 of Google Search. This kind of backlink will get you way more link juices than a link from guest posting. 

How to Incorporate Niche Edits within Your Strategy?

Our customers often ask, “Do niche edits work to improve SEO?”, and the answer is yes! Niche edits is a link building strategy you can use regularly. 

However, it’s crucial to note that it shouldn’t be the only part of your link building strategy. The thing is that key here is to create a natural link building profile. So, it would be unnatural to expect a website to only be getting link mentions from aged existing posts that have already been indexed by Google. 

Nonetheless, niche editing is a good opportunity to build backlinks in conjunction with other link building strategies. Actually, that is the secret to creating a really authoritative link profile that will help you achieve solid ranking results. 

What to Avoid

When it comes to link building, there are two things you better stay away from — overdoing and securing links on pages that have lots of outbound links to other websites. Why so? These outbound links will reduce the amount of authority and link juice transferred over to your website. 

3 Methods of Getting Niche Edits

Now, we’re at the most interesting part of the article which answers the question of how to get these high-quality niche edits. Probably, you’re familiar with the process of getting regular links. It all comes down to “contacting site owners”, since they’re the decision-makers. They are the ones who get to decide whether to give the red or green for editing their content and including a link back to your website.

But how can you convincingly approach the site owners? There are three ways to do that. The efficiency of each of them we’re going to discuss below. 

1. Manual Outreach

It’s likely to be the most labor-intensive yet the cheapest way for getting niche edit backlinks. You need to contact website administrators by email and ask them politely to give you an editorial backlink.

With this approach, it’s hard to tell the positive response rate since the answer of the website owner depends on his or her kindness, the relevance of your website to the niche, its size, and quality. It has to be said that it’s a time-consuming process, since you can’t predict how long it will take the site owners to read your email, make a decision, reply, and jumpstart the negotiations.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time you will have to spend on writing personalized emails. After a few dozen letters, you’ll likely get very frustrated with manual outreach for niche edit link building.

However, if you can offer something in return, for example, a backlink of your own, mention on social media or any other kind of promotion, you’ll probably have far greater success.

2. Bartering 

The efficiency of acquiring niche edits by this method is way better than the previous one. However, there is a but here. It works mostly with well-established pages. Usually, these are the ones with an Ahrefs domain rating of 20+.

The bartering approach drastically increases your chances of getting a response from the website owner and a niche edit as a result, since you’re offering value in return and there is much incentive for the other site owners to engage in a link swap.

3. Buying Links

Probably, it’s one of the most commonly used techniques of getting all kinds of backlinks, not only niche edits. Why is that? For a majority of site owners, buying links with a well-developed link building strategy is the best way to secure high-quality niche edits. 

Especially, if your site is new, you have no capacity for manual link building outreach. In this case, engaging the services of a link building agency that has verified proof of past results is the best way to gain niche edits.

What Do You Get When Buying Niche Edits with LinksManagement?

We start the process of acquiring niche edits by identifying existing blog content pieces that are as closely related as possible to your link destination URL. 

We have a massive outreach network that covers 99% of niches, so you can be sure that we have placements for you. Also, LinksManagement ensures that the suggestions are completely relevant to the blog’s audience, and offers to provide content containing new, additional value. 

The end result is that you’ll get a link mention on an aged and already indexed page, one that has built some page authority already over time which you can benefit from.

To Sum Up

So, what is niche edits as a whole? It’s a white hat link building technique that helps you skyrocket your traffic thanks to the indexed content of the website you place the link in. As you can see, one of the best and most efficient ways to get this type of backlink is to outsource link building and benefit from services of the link building agencies. So, your ultimate task is to select a provider who will secure niche edits with high backlink quality and link relevance.

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