We wanted to make our free keyword cost estimator tool really powerful and useful for you so that you really love it. It helps to build cost-effective SEO and directly turn your expenses to profit. This all-in-one SEO pricing guide can also be used as a:

Free competition research tool

Free competition research tool since you can check as many of your competitors as you want for free. You can compare SEO marketing prices in different campaigns

Free Anchor Text Generator Tool

Free anchor text generator tool since it generates keywords and anchor texts, relevant for your link building campaign

Free Niche Finder Tool

Free niche finder tool / software since it allows you to check SEO pricing for many different keywords and select

Free Google penalty
checker tool

It automatically checks whether your website is under any of Google Penalties

Free SEO analysis tool

Free SEO analysis tool since it provides a comprehensive analytics for site optimization

Free Backlink Checker Tool

Free backlink checker tool since it allows you to download all found backlinks in csv file

Free link building strategy generator

Free link building strategy generator with a thoroughly planned link building plan and proper SEO price list.


By using our comprehensive calculator you can define search engine optimization pricing directly for specific business, analyze the efficiency of the selected keywords and other campaign parameters. Sometimes it is very difficult to define how much does SEO cost per month and produce a clear, well-thought plan of optimizing a specific resource. For example, you would like to promote a resource oriented at Indian users and want to define an average SEO cost in India to plan your own budget. Free calculator from LinksManagement will give you the exact estimation of required optimization tools and procedures. Similarly you can find out Malasia SEO price or any other local rates for website promotion.

The information is provided in highly informative, compact reports that give clear idea of the required amount of link mass, keywords, SEO costs. If you wish to beat a specific competitor’s website, you can analyze it too and see what keyword positions you need to improve on your own resource. It helps to apply targeted approach for beating competitors in your market niche. This free calculator is suitable for campaigns of any scale: you can find out how much does SEO cost for small business too. Regardless of scale and geography, it provides accurate and full information.

There are no limitations in usage: this freeware tool is aimed at simplifying the process of SEO estimation and planning. Professionals will save their time using it, while amateurs or inexperienced specialists will be able to define how much do SEO services cost in the light of their needs. Taking into account that the internet is extremely dynamic environment, regular website analysis with the aim of this calculator will help to support the required ranks with minimal SEO monthly cost. It helps to spend the budget with maximum benefit. Just submit the URL and go ahead!

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