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How Much

Does SEO Cost & What SEO Price Comprises of?

An effective SEO is not about guessing. It’s all about analytical data, correlations, predefined actions, and well-designed link-building strategies. LinksManagement profoundly declares: the wrong link-building budget estimation will kill your SEO campaign in the long term.

To prevent this from happening, we offer you to figure out all the things about the main types of SEO pricing & SEO cost.

SEO Services

We’re talking about Keyword Research, Backlinks Audit, On-Page SEO Audit, and Technical SEO Audit to formulate a step-by-step SEO strategy for achieving your website’s goals.

Keyword Research Report provides you with a list of keywords with the highest traffic, and the keywords your competitors are targeting for. Besides, it will launch a link building campaign based on the delivered analytics.

Backlinks Audit Report is all about the detailed info on your backlink profile and the step-by-step guide from the SEO expert on how to dispose of harmful backlinks and build the natural ones in the SEO-friendly way.

On-Page SEO Audit Report is the deep analysis of on-page SEO with recommendations on how to fix them.

Free Keyword Price Calculator Tool will not only provide a smart & detailed link-building budget plan but also help you to launch a successful SEO campaign! The tool will analyze your backlink profile (all the metrics, the competition, and the efficiency of the keywords), evaluate your anchor texts, and generate Your SEO Report for free! No need to check out the price list.

So, in this case, answering the question of “How much does SEO cost?” or “What about SEO services pricing?”, we will gladly say: it’s for free.

SEO Packages

If you type “SEO Pricing” or “SEO Packages” on Google, you’re more than likely to come across SEO pricing in the $150-$500/month range (low-cost one). Most often, these packages include Local SEO management (citation building), reporting, and possibly a limited amount of content generation.

According to this recent study by Ahrefs, the most frequently reported monthly SEO package costs between $2,500 and $5,000 on average (that’s the cost per month). Above $5,000/month, we enter a few new hidden segments of SEO packages — business or high-investment ones. But usually, SEO package prices depend on quality and number of features offered.

SEO Agency

To be honest, that’s one of the best options you can choose. Professional Search Engine Optimization experts will take into consideration all of the characteristics of your website, fixing technical errors and bad links. SEO agency pricing and SEO consultant rates differ based on many factors, such as the amount of content needed, expectations, projections for business growth, and the range of services required.

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