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Note: Google has recently cancelled Page Rank, that is why some information in this post may be out-of-date. Instead, we use a new system of links ranking – SB Rank, which is based on DA and PA index.

Do You Want to Significantly and Quickly Increase Your Website’s Google PageRank to PR2, PR3, PR4, PR5 or even PR6?

The best way of how to improve Google pagerank and traffic for your website is enlarge your backlink profile with links of proper weight. Each backlink passes proper PR weight to your own site, and you can use this page rank increaser for your own benefit. You can do this in 2 simple steps:Google PageRank

1. Sign up at LinksManagement. This service is created for improving page rank by creating an efficient backlink profile for the desired site PR. You can generate a free report pointing at how to improve my Google page rank, what kind of links I need to purchase, etc.

2. Login and purchase backlinks that will pass the highest Google PR Weight to your website in order to increase its PR to the desired level. High-rank backlinks from reliable, white-reputed sources provided by LinksManagement will increase page rank fast. In LinksManagement Buy Links interface you can see the amount of passed PR Weight from each backlink. And using the table below you can calculate how many links you need to get higher Google PR.

For example, if you want to increase your website’s PR from PR0 to PR5, you will need to buy those links which will pass to your website minimum 3,125 of PR Weight. It means that according to Google PageRank Formula for increasing Google page rank for the required level, you need to buy 1 PR5 link and 1 PR4 link with zero outbound links per page. These two links will pass enough PR weight (3,125 – 15% + 625 – 15% = 3,187.50) for your site PR to be increased to PR5. It is the most efficient method of how to improve page rank in 2015 according to numerous SEO researches. The same way you can calculate how many links you need to get PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, PR6, PR7, etc.

Buy 3-5 High PR Links Today to Get Higher Google PR Tomorrow

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