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LinksManagement Refund Policy

  1. LinksManagement Money Back Guarantees (SEO Refund Guarantees)We guarantee 100% refund of your funds used to purchase a link if this link was not successfully installed on the publisher’s website for any reason within 5 days.
  2. We guarantee 100% refund of your funds used to purchase a link if you cancel this link within 5 days after link installation.
  3. We guarantee that permanent links will stay alive for minimum 12 months.
  4. You’ll get a partial refund for the unused period if the successfully placed link was later removed by the publisher and not recovered within 12 days.
  5. We guarantee that the backlink page where your link is placed won’t have such attributes as “noindex” or “nofollow”.
  6. We guarantee that at the moment of your link purchase the amount of outbound links on the backlink page you has chosen corresponds to the one stated in Buy Links inventory.
  7. We guarantee that the link purchased by you through LinksManagement will contain the indicated anchor text.

The success of our clients is the best guarantee that our backlinks are of high quality. See how Nimrod Flores got 101 keywords in Google Top 20 with only 40 backlinks and increased his traffic in 183%, and learn how Jovan Petrovic achieved the Google Top 5 rankings in 3 months with only 27 backlinks.

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