11 Steps: How NOT to Start Your SEO Campaign

As an SEO expert, marketing specialist, or website owner, you have most probably gone through all possible techniques of proper search engine optimization for your SEO campaign. If you don’t follow any of the recommended steps, you won’t necessarily fail. However, in case you conduct any of the serious mistakes that newbies can face when creating SEO campaign, you risk failing your entire online business. The recovery might take a while. Continue reading →

Is There a Drop in Your SEO Ranking Factors?

“To my mind, that’s the biggest value of data visualization – the ability to “snapshot” the landscape quickly, and start driving actionable strategies.” © Bill Sebald / SEO Consultant As a site owner or SEO experts, you may have noticed a drop in your SEO rankings. Seems like your website’s content and visual design are perfect. What’s the deal then? What Google and SEO ranking factors should be observed? Continue reading →

Unlocking SEO: USA vs. UK

What is the difference between SEO in USA and UK? When you find that your website is highly ranked and optimized in Google.com, you will often find that this is not the case with your site on Google.co.uk. Especially, if your business or website is catering to local customers and viewers. What are the differences between SEO in USA and UK? Why is it crucial when optimizing a website to pay attention to location as well? Let’s find out... Continue reading →

How to Select Backlinks Properly?

Trying to boost your rankings on Google, you should remember that Google as well as any other search engine strives to rank the best results that it can for its users. It is known that link profile is a major factor that influences website rankings. That is why it is important to build links so that Google could determine them as natural. Continue reading →

SEO For Beginners

Have you ever searched for something online? I’m sure you have. Then you know about SEO more than you think. You put a word or a phrase into Google (or another search engine) and press ‘search’ button. SEO makes your website appear right on the first page of Google search results. If you want to get your profit, you’d better appear in Top. Ready to learn more? Continue reading

How Social Signals Affect SEO

There’s no secret that search engines take into account social signals when ranking sites in search. The consideration of these factors started in 2011, when Google launched Panda. Since that time, the experts made numerous experiments on the integration of social signals into site promotion. What we can say with confidence is that social signals DO AFFECT sites’ rankings and popularity, no matter directly or indirectly. So, let’s shed some light on what is going on in 2015. Continue reading

Controlling robots.txt – important technical element of an SEO strategy

Last year, on June 30, 2014, robots.txt celebrated its 20 years anniversary. Not all webmasters were happy with that fact, but only those who know how to configure robots.txt properlyJ. At the beginning of 90s, websites didn’t have such a powerful bandwidth, so the situation when a website could not cope with the influx of crawlers was quite common… A lot has happened since that time, but robots.txt still has not lost its relevance. Now it is time to dispel the mystery of using the Robots meta tag elder brother. Here we go! Continue reading

Private blog network: benefit or damage?

Strong business competition on the Internet demands special marketing strategy. What ingredients does perfect competitive marketing strategy need? How to promote own business in the conditions of hard Google’s limitations? One of the alternative tricks presents private blog network. What outcome does this tool promise? How to build effective PBN and avoid possible Google’s sanctions? All answers on these questions and the best suggestions you will find in this article. Continue reading