Create a Detailed Link Building Plan

August 8, 2013
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Detailed link building plan In order to successfully achieve the Top 10 rankings on Google, make sure to develop a detailed link building strategy that will include the answers to the following questions:
    1. How many links you need in total in order to outrank your competitors?
    2. What kind of links you need, i.e. how many links you need with SB Rank 1, SB Rank 2,SB Rank 3, SB Rank 4, etc., in order to follow Natural SB Rank Distribution Formula and keep your backlink profile looking natural?
    3. In what anchor texts you need to acquire these backlinks in order to outrank your competitors for your selected keywords, but at the same time follow Natural Anchor Text Distribution and keep your backlink profile looking natural?
    4. To what pages of your site these links should point to? Remember that at least 10% of your links should point to some inner pages of your site.
    5. You also need to plan how quickly and during what period of time you will need to acquire new backlinks. For example, if you need to get 100 backlinks to outrank your main competitor and you plan to acquire 5 new links a week, it means that your total link building campaign may require 20 weeks, i.e. around 5 months. Knowing this term is also important for you to have the right expectations from your link popularity campaign and for you to be able to afford it.
Right now, we are developing a Link Building Plan Creation Tool that will help you create it automatically. Once your link building plan is created, you can start your link popularity campaign and keep to the rules, described in our 21 Steps Guide to Get The Top 10 on Google.
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