Top 5 Ways to Distribute Content

March 3, 2024
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‍Have you ever thought about why some online articles get lots of likes, shares, and views while others go unnoticed even if they are more engaging and error-free? The reason is clear. It’s not about creating content, but also effectively promoting it through distribution.

Ways to Distribute Content

‍Sometimes focusing on distributing content can be as important as creating high-quality posts. So it’s essential to learn about the five methods, for distributing content that have proven to be effective. Some of these methods don’t require any investment. Still yield great results.

How to Start Distribution

‍In order for the distribution of content to bring the expected results, you need to start with preparing the material. These can be different content formats.

‍The first step is preparing quality material. There is no point in investing effort, and wasting time trying to promote content that is of no value, will be uninteresting to readers, and will reveal you as far from the most incompetent person. If you are writing an article on a specific topic, understand it in detail. Put yourself in the shoes of an expert who is familiar with this topic and read your article. The material should draw attention, be useful, and allow you to draw certain conclusions. and discover something new.

‍When the basis is ready, you can develop a content distribution strategy suitable for your case and begin actively promoting the product via the Internet. And here let’s move on to the main part of the review.

Why You Need a Content Distribution Strategy

‍Without a pre-developed distribution strategy, it is better not to start the process of promoting content. This is a specific action plan that includes all your steps to publish, share and promote a particular form of content through available channels. In fact, this is what will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

‍Developing a strategy provides a step-by-step plan of action and allows you to preliminarily assess the chances of achieving results through certain channels. For example, it doesn’t always make sense to distribute text content via video hosting. An exception may be when you create a video review or presentation based on a written article and want to publish it in video format. Therefore, a competent strategy is key to the success of your promotion.

5 Distribution Methods

‍To be honest, in the modern world, content distribution includes many more tools and methods than 5. It is necessary to highlight these methods. They are accessible to almost everyone, do not require major financial investments (with some exceptions), and have proven effectiveness.

‍There is no need to choose only one of the presented tools. To achieve good results, increase the number of views, impressions, and reactions from the audience, and approach the issue of promotion comprehensively.

1. Social Networking Features

‍Among all the content marketing channels, social networks can rightly be called the most effective, accessible and capable of quickly delivering excellent results. Therefore, it would be logical to start with distribution through social networks.

Ways to Distribute Content

‍Study your material carefully and make announcements for the article. These announcements can be submitted by you in several formats:

  • different options for attention-grabbing headlines;
  • interesting points from the article;
  • brief quotations;
  • statistical data;
  • personal opinion;
  • short summary;
  • jokes about the material, etc.

‍Even if this is a short announcement, you must use key queries in it. And, another important point is the correct timing of posting announcements on social networks. A big mistake would be to publish everything in one day. Distribute announcements over a specific period. For example, over the course of several weeks, you can publish one post on different social networks.

2. Your Audience – Best Helpers

‍In the matter of media distribution, people who are interested in your content by reading articles or watching videos will definitely help you. If you start your journey with some result, that is, there are views and comments on the pages, then be sure to connect with the audience.

‍Place several posts inviting one to leave a comment, share a link, or repost. For others, it will literally take a few seconds. But imagine that even 100 people will share your link on their own pages, where each of them has at least 50-100 more subscribers. This will launch a huge content distribution machine. And here again, let’s return to the issue of quality. If you can combine good content and a smart distribution strategy, your article will soon reach thousands. This applies to any other type of content you promote online.

3. Use Different Formats

‍It would be wrong to engage only in article distribution if your material has great potential. Try reformatting your product and using different ways to present it to your audience.

‍If this is an interesting, detailed article with some examples, tips, and relevant statistics, try turning it into a video. It is beneficial to turn various posts, blocks, and reviews into video format and publish them on the most popular platforms. Obviously, when it comes to video, the first thing you think of is YouTube. For short reviews, the Reels format is suitable, which can be published on video hosting and Instagram.

‍When your article has many pages, you can adapt it to PDF format, create a presentation, organize a podcast, and post it on thematic websites. For promising materials that can be expanded in the future, it is worth considering the option of publishing a full guide, including printed editions. It all depends on what topic you are making content on.

4. Tap into the Potential of Old Posts

‍Take a close look at your website or blog analytics and see which pages have the highest traffic rates. Don’t use blatantly old pages. Focus on popular posts over the past few months.

‍Use these pages to post a link to new material. This will significantly increase views in a short period of time. Third-party platforms have high potential. But don’t forget that you need to popularize not just one material, but the entire site or blog. Therefore, it will be better if readers read your content and follow the links back to your materials.

‍You can place links to promoted content directly in old articles, if appropriate. Or make a separate advertising block and publish it in a section with similar articles.

5. Look for Thematic Communities

‍There are numerous sites on the Internet that you can easily offer your own content to. Publication conditions can be paid or free. This will depend on how interested the potential partner is in collaborating and promoting joint content. There is usually a high level of competition among such sites. Therefore, do not think that your very first proposal will interest the owners of the service, and you will not be refused publications.

‍To improve your chances, remember where the article started. This is the quality and uniqueness of the content. You should always strive for this so that the material is actively distributed and brings you the expected results from promotion.

Ways to Distribute Content

‍An alternative option is thematic communities that you will find on social networks. The advantage of such platforms is that most of them publish material for free. The main thing is that the content is relevant to their topic and is useful for potential readers. In this case, you have mutually beneficial work. The social network community receives quality content that is accessible to its audience. And this audience reads the material and sees who wrote it. Typically, an article or other content is published along with a link to the author, their blog, or official website.

‍This option cannot be called completely free. There is a high probability that a certain payment will be required for publication. Therefore, carefully study thematic sites and look for communities on social networks with which it will be most beneficial for you to cooperate. If you see that the audience is small and the service asks for a lot of money for publication, it is better to refuse such a deal. In addition, there are sites and communities that are in the initial stages of development. You can do this together. Thanks to joint efforts, you will be able to promote your own products much faster and more efficiently.

A Few Words About Promotion Through Advertising

‍Of course, advertising is the most effective tool for distributing content. But it was not included in the top 5. And, there are several reasons for this.

  • Advertising for the lazy. And indeed it is. It is much easier to spend money and order advertising than to try to distribute content on your own and using available tools. Therefore, it makes no sense to consider this method separately;
  • Advertising is expensive. It’s hard to argue with this fact. For beginners, this method of promoting content may not be available, since advertising platforms will require a lot of money for publication. If you do not have such a budget, or you are limited in financial resources, it is better to spend it on improving the site, creating a high-quality video based on the written article, and on other useful things. It makes sense to include advertising at the moment when you have managed to form a certain base and have prepared at least a minimal audience of loyal readers;
  • Advertising does not always produce results. Another factor that must be taken into account. It happened more than once that the blog author paid money for advertising, but there was practically no result. When you pay for promotion, you expect to see a significant increase in your audience;
  • The effectiveness of advertising varies. Much will depend on who is doing the advertising and what methods are used to promote the content. There are many unscrupulous companies on the Internet. Some of them can, for your money, attract an audience to your content, 80% of which will turn out to be bots. That is, these are boosted views. As a result, the effect of advertising will be short-term and will not provide any desired progress in the long term. Therefore, it is important to very carefully choose advertising methods and people who will provide you with such services.

‍All this does not mean that advertising is meaningless. On the contrary, in many situations, it can bring excellent results and help actively distribute content. But this requires financial resources and confidence that people will be interested in your product. When the content is useful, interesting, and engaging, all it takes is a small push to start virality. And if your material is useless and uninteresting, then there is no point in promoting it.


‍Content distribution is always a set of activities aimed at reaching certain goals. Therefore, it is impossible to use only one tool. The choice of promotion tools should be approached carefully and responsibly. Always take into account the characteristics of your content and its peculiarities. Do not forget about the importance of budget, because distribution always involves certain expenses.

‍The main secret of successful distribution is quality content. Without this key component, there is no point in promotion. And, a quality product will always have its own viewer, listener, or buyer.

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