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October 10, 2012
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Every business owner does not know how much money he can lose when dealing with unreliable and unfair link building provider. Even if business knows it, probably he keeps on asking himself how to choose the one which will really deliver the promised profits. Anyway, if his web site pretends to be an integrated part of his business, there is a need of high rankings on Google and, consequently, the need of high quality links.Thus, the article is dedicated to what are the traits of really good and quality link building service.

The purpose of the article is to define what the link builder should do to be considered as a good partner on whom entrepreneur can rely. One more thing to realize is that the conclusions given below are not aimed at showing off. It’s a shame but I must admit that every point revealed is nothing else but the analysis of experience. The following tips are directed on sharing very useful tips with business owners.

1. The information about the link building process is given in a clear and comprehensive way

Link building seems to be very complicated and tangled process. However, it’s not that sophisticated that is possible to imagine. The link building expert should not hide himself behind unclear weighty terms and definitions. If it is so, be sure that he can hardly understand what is he talking about.

If entrepreneur is in need of new backlinks and wants to use them for his site promotion, he is able to see the main point and to comprehend how it all works. Accordingly, the link building service must help business in this by using clear and simple explanations.

2. Good and fair money back guarantee

Money back guarantee is the third page the client looks at after the front page and the one with the offer. Moreover, wise link builder knows that 91% of people who look at this page become clients. That’s exactly why good and fair money back guarantee is the telltale sign of quality link building service.

On the other hand tricky terms of the guarantee written in brevier in the bottom of the page should make business owner ask himself whether he wants to deal with such “SEO experts”.

3. No promises to get the site to the top in one day / by he end of this week / by the end of this month

High quality links will neither blast the rankings nor permit to see the website on the Google top within 1 week / 1 month (and even 1 year for some super competitive keywords). The only adequate promise can be made from reliable link building company is that website owner rankings will be considerably improved. And it is true, they will. But no one can guarantee any certain result here. That is why, it is obligatory should steer clear of those who promises a star from the sky. Be realistic!

4. The possibility to see the backlink page before the purchase

It is all simple here. The better is the link building provider, the more backlink pages access business has. In case there is the possibility to visit the backlink page before the purchase, it means that SEO subcontractor take care about its clients.

Be noticed that most of existing link building companies do not provide with the URLs of backlink pages. However, it is still possible to find some which do it.

5. The possibility to control all the links

The best gift the link builder can do for entrepreneur is to give him the possibility to control all the links. What if he decides to look at some of them in a week, or to cancel the links pointing to deleted inner page of the site? Should he call the support? Or to email them? Of course, he should. The easiest and the fastest way to arrange such affairs is to cancel or to add links by himself.

6. The result

The result can be reached due to above mentioned tips, but it will be senseless if the rankings of the site does not go up. Whatever can be said, the positive result is the main trait of good and high quality link building company. The choice of it is success.

These simple tips will simplify your process of choosing the right link building partner. The reaching of success can take time. Be tolerant and wait til your site will go on the top of the Google SERPs.

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