How to Get Backlinks: 11 Tactics That Work in 2023

October 10, 2023
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‍Backlinks are significant in any SEO strategy as they help increase authority in your field. Without external sites mentioning your resources, your SEO efforts will not be fruitful. It is crucial to comprehend how backlinks work and their importance in building authority. This post will explore practical strategies for building backlinks and enhancing quality.

How to Get Backlinks

Why You Need Links

‍At first glance, it may seem evident that links are necessary for users to access your resource. However, backlinks serve more functions than just that. Let’s delve into how search algorithms operate to gain a deeper understanding of their importance.

‍Have you ever wondered why Google presents websites in a specific order when you search? This is because robots continuously assess web pages and assign them a rating. They can provide users with the most relevant answers by ranking them at the top of the page. Authoritative resources occupy these high positions.

‍This ranking system factors in a long list of criteria that can affect a resource’s rating. One critical factor is the presence of links leading to other sites. The algorithm evaluates the quality of the platform that posted the link to your page, and higher relevance and reliability equate to a higher rating.

‍Thus, high-quality backlinks can improve your SEO performance and help you reach the top of search results.

Link Promotion Pitfalls

‍After recognizing the significance of links to enhance website visibility, one may assume that maximizing link quantity is the key. Nonetheless, there exists a major predicament: search algorithms prioritize link quality over quantity. Additionally, backlinks from dubious sources can tarnish your reputation.

‍A further challenge lies in monitoring and verifying previously posted links, where an error or incorrect URL can result in wastage of time and resources. Consequently, implementing the “buy and forget” principle is not feasible.

Best Strategies for Getting Links

‍To manage your company and optimize productivity, it is crucial to be familiar with current trends. This article will examine effective strategies on how to get backlinks for your website.

1. Guest Blog Posts

‍One of the effective ways to get backlinks is to pursue guest blogging opportunities. By publishing posts on other platforms, you can naturally construct a portfolio of backlinks. As you provide links to your current and relevant resources and research, seek out guest-post-friendly sites that are closely related to your niche. Opt for platforms with the highest level of credibility, as the resulting backlink will increase the power of your search rankings.

2. Partners and Customers

‍Ask your vendor or supplier to link to your website. Since you have already demonstrated your value to your partner, they are more likely to agree to refer you. Numerous companies have a section on their website showcasing their business partners.

‍Ask current customers who link to your brand and businesses you collaborate with in some way to include a link. Use Google Alerts or a comparable tool to locate websites mentioning your company and build backlinks.

3. Professional Help

‍Selecting high-quality donors is an important responsibility. It may be beneficial to assign a specialist to this task or utilize specialized services like LinksManagement. With careful consideration of all factors and potential obstacles, this platform can aid in developing a fully optimized SEO company. Achieving success will result in a significant increase in traffic and attract potential buyers interested in your product.

How to Get Backlinks

‍The service provides automated tools for backlinks creation and tracking results around the clock, making it convenient for busy website owners who lack the time for in-depth study and continuous manual efforts. Developing and executing your linking strategy is, of course, an option. Thus, below, we outline specific instructions on the direction you need to take.

4. Brands and Influencers

‍To obtain high-quality backlinks, seek out bloggers or social media influencers operating within your specific niche. Offer them complimentary access to your products or services for their posted review. Don’t forget to ask for a link to your website to be included.

‍To further incentivize potential visitors, you may also provide a referral link through which they can receive a discount. While somewhat more involved, this strategy can generate more reliable traffic for your site. These potential buyers have already expressed interest in your product or service and are more inclined to purchase.

5. Tutorials and Walkthroughs

‍Excellent study guides provide comprehensive information on a specific topic, demonstrating expertise. Step-by-step tutorials offer an accessible route to learning. Clear communication of complex topics attracts and engages readers, generating backlinks.

‍While citing sources may be less critical for ranking today, it remains a relevant and valued practice. Many guides on how to get backlinks recommend this approach.

‍Linking to local sources can increase awareness of your company within the search ecosystem. To implement this method, create a Google Business Profile and post your information on a local map. Additionally, consider contacting other directories in your industry to expand your backlink portfolio. Each new source you utilize helps to improve your backlinking strategy.

6. Posts with Expert Opinions

‍Consulting with experts about a specific topic can enhance your posts by providing valuable advice, opinions, and insights that may not have been apparent otherwise. Inviting experts to post a link to your post with their participation can attract another backlink. Requesting a brief expert comment, preferably two to three sentences, can increase the likelihood of their agreement.

7. Social Activity

How to Get Backlinks

‍This approach is ideal for companies seeking geo-specific traffic. Its core involves engaging in local public organizations, sponsoring events, and supporting socially beneficial programs. Any contributions or backing provided will be posted on local resources, and all that is required on your part is linking to your resource in said posts. Furthermore, such endeavors enhance the brand’s name and encourage audience loyalty, resulting in a dual advantage. 8. Engaging Visual Content

‍Why is visual content important? It is easily consumed and shareable. Additionally, creating infographics or illustrations increases the likelihood of users sharing and earning additional backlinks. Focus on producing quality visual content to get more backlinks. 9. Original Research

‍Remember that you are an expert working for people, not just for search engines. Therefore, mere technical optimization is insufficient. Users desire informative content they can share with others, whether it’s their favorite products, humorous facts, or interesting information. Thus, publishing your research and insights is essential.

Takeaway: the more informative your content is, the more likely it will be shared. You can establish yourself as a reliable source of information by conducting and disseminating your own research. In addition, each subsequent mention of your research will feature a link back to the source.


‍Let’s begin by noting that this approach requires substantial effort. Firstly, identify reputable websites with excellent moderation and minimal spam comments. Next, search for articles on your subject. Avoid commenting on everything, as this could result in post deletion. Instead, meticulously analyze the chosen article, create an informative response, and effectively incorporate your link. You can increase the likelihood of your comment being published by citing an authoritative source, such as legislation.

11. Eliminating Broken Links

‍This approach does not apply to backlink acquisition, but it is imperative to uphold the amassed link mass, making it unignorable. Broken links downgrade the user experience. Consider a user eager to obtain further information: clicking on a broken link may irritate the user, resulting in losing a potential customer.

‍Contact the owners of sites that host links to deleted or moved pages to rectify the errors. Although addressing broken links consumes considerable effort and time, it reaps substantial benefits.

What to Consider When Purchasing Links

‍Here are some suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of backlinks on your site:

  1. Carefully consider your anchor text. Ensure that it is relevant to the content and appears natural to users.
  2. Promptly acquire new links. Search engine robots assign greater value to recently acquired links as they signal the uniqueness of the content. Collecting links gradually is more effective than acquiring large numbers simultaneously.
  3. Ensure that your links are unique since the algorithm assesses the quantity of links and platforms they are posted on. Therefore, acquiring a link from ten sites is more beneficial than ten from a single platform. Expanding coverage is crucial, but exceptions to this principle exist.
  4. Gradual accumulation is imperative. A sudden surge in the number of links serves as a warning for the search algorithms and can threaten your website if you purchase a large number of backlinks at once.
  5. Make sure to prioritize content optimization since a boost in traffic is pointless if visitors are disenchanted and leave the website immediately.


‍Ranking in search engines depends not solely on the quantity of backlinks. Numerous undisclosed factors also play a role in search engine rankings. Nevertheless, the impact of external links on a site’s evaluation cannot be denied. Regular links from authoritative sites can assist in promoting a resource in search results. High-quality external links help to attract additional traffic and enhance a site’s reputation.

‍Optimizing a site thoroughly requires a significant amount of time and effort. It takes trial and error, but boosting relevance and expanding brand visibility are guaranteed methods for achieving optimal search engine results. With a solid understanding of how to build backlinks, it’s time to optimize resources accordingly.

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